The brand, now owned by Lenovo, has decided to recover its full name and will not be Moto by Lenovo, but Motorola, according to a story by CNET

The universe of the brands is quite agitated and, after the resurgence of Nokia, with all the letters, it is the turn of Motorola, company that was bought by Lenovo to Google.

Motorola officially will return with a new logo.

There is still no official statement from the company, but senior managers have already commented that the brand can be recovered, because the users had a good memory of it and that value that was taken into account.

In the same way, they are studying recovering the name of a classic, like the RAZR range, for new models although in this subject there has not been news yet.

We hope the change of opinion will strengthen the brand image and we must recognize that they do well to bring back the old name. And just as we criticize when a brand does wrong, we must congratulate them when they do something right.

Welcome back Motorola!


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