With more and more people using Airbnb nowadays, the competition is fierce. You’ve got to make your property stand out if you want to go noticed. Thankfully we have a great number of tips to help make your property really pop online. Lots of these are really easy wins, with minimal effort required while some are more long term projects you can consider. Check them out below!

Revitalise Your Home

A little TLC for your property can go a long way, be that a fresh coat of paint or updating the decor. Even just tidying up a bit! It all helps when marketing your property online – and it’s very easy to do. Set aside some weekends to give the property that attention it needs and modernise it. A smart lock system, for example, will raise your rating by users. You’ll definitely be rewarded with more bookings.

Choose A Theme

A consistent theme throughout your property or some rooms will really make you stand out. Social media loves a quirky room with some ‘novelty’ value, so make it a room your guests will just have to share on their Instagram. This will boost your online awareness and bring those bookings in.

Add a Main Feature

Adding a feature can really grab the eye of a potential booker online. Whether that be hot tubs, verandas, cinema rooms, roof terraces, standalone bathtubs, log fire burners, swimming pools, outhouses, garden swing benches…you name it! These main features can make the difference. This could be your next big home improvement project to transform your Airbnb property.

Think About Airbnb Experiences

Airbnb Experiences are the latest advancement on the ever-growing platform. Hosts who offer their guests an experience, whether that be a guided tour or watersports activity, get more attention. Think about what kind of tourists come to your area and what you can offer them. If you need help setting up and running experience, you can get help from a specialist residential management company.

Switch That Sofa for a Sofa Bed

Boost the capacity of your property easily by adding another bed or sofa bed. That simple switch has allowed another two people to book your property, which is make or break for groups. You could increase the booking cost, or you could keep it the same and enjoy the extra popularity and advantage that your property has over many similar-priced homes in the areas.

Make Your Descriptions Pop

Don’t just write to describe, write to persuade but more importantly, write to sell. Do you have 2 bedrooms, a bathroom and a front room? No, you have two spacious bedrooms, a modern bathroom equipped with both shower and elegance bath-tub and a sprawling living room that’s suitable for entertaining large parties. With Airbnb being so popular, users are going to be reading so many dry descriptions of their property. Grab their attention with everything you can and this includes your property descriptions.

Anticipate Their Needs Before They Know Them

Think of yourself as a guide as well as a host. This is your area and you should be an expert, address all the concerns they have and make them aware of things they hadn’t even thought about yet. Tell them what key landmarks your property is near to, what restaurants and utilities are nearby, what the transport routes are like, how to get local train-stations and more – anything to stop them flicking between other properties as they plan their visit itinerary. When you’re in the capital, you’ll be facing so much competition so you really need to offer a service to potential bookers. London residential services will be able to help you present your property in a way that will help you stand out online on platforms like Airbnb.

Get Some Professional Photographs

You’d be surprised at the difference a well-angled and lit photograph can make! Professional photographs can show off the highlights of your property and make the most of your space. Alongside other property listings, professional photographs will set your property apart. You can even take the photos yourself – just use a DSLR or something with slightly better quality than your standard mobile.

Be Open To Four-Legged Friends

Landlords used to be strongly opposed to pets but, as time goes by, they’ve become increasingly tolerant of the four-legged family members. Making your property dog-friendly is a huge draw, particularly in areas where there are nice walks nearby. You can cover the risks by asking for a damage deposit, meaning you won’t be out of pocket for opening up your home!

Remember The Small Details

Stocking the fridge, leaving friendly and helpful notes, fresh beddings, towels and more – all of these little touches can take your guests’ experiences from good to great. If you don’t have the time to handle these additional touches yourself, you could invest in the service of a property management company – they handle guest communications and experiences to ensure your bookings run smoothly and give a memorable experience for your visitors!


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