One of the many benefits of modern technology is being able to work anytime, anywhere, as long as you have a device connected to the internet. Our global connectivity has extended the reach of organizations around the world, allowing people to work more flexibly and succinctly, while automated systems continue to save the business owner money and human resources.

However, technology isn’t perfect, and there are many ways it could be hindering your business rather than helping it. Plus, with the field of tech advancing at an incredible speed, it’s easy to feel like you’re getting left behind.

Here are five ways your business isn’t using technology effectively, and how to rectify them.

Your Computers Are Slow

If your office computer is slow, your productivity is going to take a nosedive. There are many reasons why your device might be running slowly: if you work on a laptop, the battery could need replacing, or your software might need an upgrade. If you’ve used the same desktop PC for decades, it may have just reached the end of its life. If you work in a large office with multiple computers, perhaps it’s your WiFi that needs a boost? While all of these things can affect the running speed of your computer, the most common cause is low RAM space.

The RAM (random access memory) inside your computer temporarily stores data, serving as its “working memory”. Generally speaking, if your RAM is full, your computer won’t be able to access new data quickly, and it will run slowly. If you’re keen to avoid that spinning wheel of doom, you will need a memory upgrade. Offtek supplies quality RAM upgrades that come with a compatibility guarantee and lifetime warranty, so it’s a recommended brand for businesses.

You’re Still Creating Invoices Manually

Manual data entry takes up valuable time in your schedule, which is why most business owners outsource a bookkeeper or accountant to punch numbers for them. However, technology offers a better alternative. Invoicing software has revolutionised the way businesses keep track of payments and prepare for annual tax checks, plus using an invoicing app is far more cost-effective than paying someone to take care of your data. If you own a small business, this is the most cost-effective and efficient way to keep your accounts in line.

You’re Not Communicating Effectively

Business thrives on communication, whether it’s between colleagues in the office or workers using email and Skype to collaborate. Similarly, some companies require face-to-face or telephone contact with their customers, whereas others rely on internet advertising or social media campaigns to deliver their message. These days, most successful businesses adopt both methods, but errors and miscommunications still arise.

If you employ remote workers, your organization could benefit from video conferencing software and free chat platforms like Google Hangouts. Don’t waste money on mobile phone bills and long-distance messaging that isn’t reliable. Instead, embrace everything the web has to offer and observe its impact on your profits.


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