The release of the international trailer for Sonic The Hedgehog, Sega’s famous video game character, didn’t go well. Not good at all. So bad that in a few days the fans of the famous hedgehog have complained so much about the character, that the director of the film has decided to completely change the film.

The film produced by Paramount Pictures released its trailer last April 30th. It currently has more than 22 million views, with more than 146,000 comments, but here’s the fact that should worry Paramount: almost half a million negative votes.

Jeff Fowler, the director of the adaptation that will take “the real world” to Sonic, has reacted on Twitter indicating that after complaints about how they have designed Sonic, they have decided to redesign it completely to make it more like the character of the video game or animated series.

Many fans don’t understand the design of Sonic, which looks more like a mixture of a person with a blue doll than what is supposed to be the character of video games. But the message has been so critical, that Paramount has seen how this could become a failure of the Emoji Movie level.


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