Huawei surpasses Apple as second largest phone manufacturer in the world

Huawei has gone from being an unknown to the majority a few years ago, despite being present through network infrastructures of telephone operators, among other aspects, to become the second largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world right now, a position that has so far occupied Apple, according to a new study by Counterpoint Research, attending sales made until last July, outnumbering Apple itself for little more.

In addition, recently, a report from Canalys also revealed that Huawei was about to make the jump to second place, something that has now just been confirmed. Likewise, without having confirmed specific numbers, the month of August also seems to have been favorable for Huawei. It is not yet known if Huawei will be able to maintain this position once Apple celebrates its celebration event to present the new generation of iPhone phones, which some rumors point to could be called iPhone X rather than iPhone 8.

It should also be noted that Huawei is about to present its new flagship one month later, Mate 10, on October 16, which will debut its Kirin 970 chipset, as presented recently in IFA 2017, but will not be the only phone they plan to present this year and until the end of it will launch other models.

It happens that none of its mobile phones is among the 10 best-selling phones in the world, so the second position has been able to occupy, according to Counterpoint Research, thanks to its diversified portfolio of models, unlike Apple, which usually launches few models of phones a year, where the iPhone is still the world’s most popular phone.

Since Huawei is struggling to enter the US market and thus encompass more market, something that could come to worry Apple and Samsung, so far the main manufacturers of smartphones in the world.



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