There are a lot of advantages to having an environmentally-friendly vehicle in Florida. First of all, for title loans Florida companies will usually give you a bigger premium simply because the car is generally worth more. However, besides the obvious financial boost you would receive at one of the title loan companies, there are many other incentives to having a green car if you do not need to borrow against it. The Florida government has many programs in place that make well worth your time to consider getting a “green” vehicle. Among these would include the following:

First of all, if you drive a fuel-efficient vehicle, the state of Florida no longer requires you to get smog or emission testing. This new law will remain true whether you drive a hybrid vehicle or an ordinary fuel-efficient vehicle.

Second, if you drive a green car in Florida you can also qualify for an HOV lane exemption. All you have to do is download the application to get this exemption decal attached to your vehicle and you can drive in the HOV regardless of whether you are driving solo or not.

How about the great tax credits you can receive in the state of Florida if you drive a green vehicle? Talk to your accountant for a full list, but here are some of the many benefits. First, consider the many different vehicles that are included in this list, such as hybrid vehicles, electric cars, biodiesel equipment, and other alternative fuel vehicles.

There is also a number of great tax rebates for businesses, including those that have a hybrid car charging station installed on their property. Property owners can also request funding from the government to have a charging station installed on their property even though this does require a finance agreement.

Owners of a green car have also often found that they often can enjoy a discount on their car insurance simply because they drive an environmentally friendly vehicle. This applies to many different classes, including hybrids and electric cars. They also can often qualify for low-mileage discounts or pay as you drive discounts.

In conclusion, if you have ever looked at the smog that was present in the skies from old photographs from the 1970’s as compared to today then you realize that the effort to be environmentally-conscious is producing some very good results. This can be good news for a number of reasons, including the fact that you will get more a loan if you go to a car title company. Consider that if you or your partner have a medical condition such as asthma then you can be thankful that these new regulations are in place. The new innovations in vehicles simply exist in order to make this a better future for you and for your children and grandchildren.

If we take care the environment today, we can be assured that this space will still be around for centuries to come. Not to mention the great savings in your wallet for driving a green vehicle as well!


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