Technology cannot only boost your productivity levels, but it can increase your brain power while connecting you to different people from across the world. However, it can often feel anything but affordable to run a device or gadget at home or in a business.

Check out the following advice on how to save money on technology if you want to reduce your expenditure while utilizing the power of a handy device.

Invest in Longer Lasting Computers

Instead of wasting your money on a flimsy, unreliable computer you will need to replace in a year’s time, aim to invest in a more powerful computer that will last for many years to come.

For example, you should purchase a computer that features:

  • A large hard drive (such as 2000GB)
  • Great memory (such as 16GB or more)
  • A large monitor

It will not only ensure a computer is more reliable, but it could prevent you from replacing a piece of tech in 12 months’ time. So, paying a little bit more for a computer could save you a substantial sum in the long-run.

Say No to an Extended Warranty

Unless you are clumsy by nature, you should say no to the extended warranty when buying a tech device, as it will increase the cost of a gadget. In fact, if you are paying for the piece of tech with a good credit card, it is likely you will automatically be entitled to an extended warranty for buying the product alone.

If you are not paying with a credit card, it could be much cheaper to set money aside to repair a device in comparison to paying for an extended warranty each month.

Expensive Doesn’t Equal High-Quality

Many people make the big mistake of paying for a brand name when buying tech equipment or products. For example, instead of paying $40 for a branded HDMI cable, opt for a cheaper version that will perform the exact same job for a fraction of the price.

The same rule applies for printer ink; rather than paying over the odds for a brand’s recommended ink, spend your hard-earned money on affordable, compatible cartridges.

Swap Technology with Friends

Instead of spending a small fortune on the latest digital or video camera, consider swapping technology with friends or family members. It will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of the gadget without the price tag, or it could help you to make an informed decision before you purchase an expensive device.

Buy Refurbished Devices Over New

If your current laptop, smartphone or tablet has seen better days, you might be considering buying a new gadget. If so, instead of buying a brand-new device, opt for a refurbished product to save money.

In most cases, refurbished technology can be just as good as new, as the devices will have underwent various testing and inspections to ensure they meet a manufacturer’s standards. However, always buy refurbished technology from either a manufacturer or a reputable company.


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