Landing pages are single webpages designed to encourage visitors to take a specific action. The action can include filling out a form, submitting an email address or buying a product. Many website owners use landing pages to make money on various offers. Whether they are offering a free email sign up or high end product, a high converting landing page can generate massive profits for the website. If you already have a landing page in place, optimizing the pages should be a top priority. An increase in conversions could lead to increase subscribers and sales. To improve your conversion rate, read below about how to optimize your landing page.

Know Your Audience

For any website, the key to success is knowing your audience. Who you are talking to will influence the content of the website. You should be talking in a familiar tone that your audience can understand and aligns with your overall content marketing plan. More importantly, the content on the landing page should capture your visitor’s attention and appeal to their interests. For example, a great landing page will resonate with the audience’s needs, providing solutions to their problems or offers on how to solve those problems. Any landing page that is developed with the audience in mind has a good chance of converting visitors into customers.

Upgrade The User Experience

The landing page design is the next major factor when optimizing for conversions. You can test a myriad of different design elements such as navigation, forms, colors and placements. Depending on the traffic source, a large bold header may convert at a higher percentage than a long sentence or paragraph. In order to know which elements are the most successful, you have to continuously test for higher conversions. While this process can take time because of all the elements that can be tested, you should be increasing conversions over the long term.

Include Images To Impress

Landing pages can dramatically change their conversion rates with the right images. As you know, images can communicate so much more than words on a page. Often times, images are the reason a specific page gets shared online and can leave a lasting impression on users. The first image when building a landing page should catch the visitor’s attention quickly. Afterwards, the rest of the images on the page can keep their attention and increase their chances of staying on the sites. Naturally, capturing visitor’s attention through the use of high quality images can lead to more engagement and actions towards goal completion.

Find The Best Call-To-Action

One of the most important elements on a landing page, a call to action can help increase conversions dramatically. Firstly, a call to action button should be clear and easy to see. Secondly, the call to action should include language that encourages visitors to take that specific action. You might be surprised to find out that certain phrases or words convert better than others. For example, changing “Subscribe Now” to “Get Free Updates” can make a difference in the overall conversion rate of the landing page. You should continue to optimize the language on your call to action buttons so get the best conversion rates possible.

Demonstrate Social Proof

In order to optimize your landing page, website owners need to show proof of their customers. With the growth of the social media revolution, proudly display social followings, reviews and testimonials on the landing page. This is a great way to show potential customers that other people have benefitted from what you are offering. If visitors see testimonials from other like themselves, they are much more likely to sign up. In the meanwhile, these types of social proof build credibility and trust for your website. Whether you can get social proof in writing, audio or video, these types of media can further optimize the landing page.

Higher converting landing pages are more profitable for website owners. If you would like to optimize your landing page, follow these steps. Remember your audience when writing content on the page. Then, upgrade thedesign to appeal to that audience. Using images and call to action buttons, you can catch the visitor’s attention, encouraging them to convert. Moreover, include social proof and reviews to make the visitors comfortable. All of these steps can help optimize your landing page and increase conversion rates overall.


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