A tall plant pot is popular with many growers, but how can you do it yourself. Of course, you can buy the most fashionable and very original pot on the site of the online store http://www.getpotted.com. But you can also experiment and make a tall flower planter at home. There are many different materials and ways not only to make a pot, but also decorate your planter and make it brighter and more modern. Here, presented the most popular ways to make a flower pot and materials for its creation.


Cement pots are characterized by high strength and originality of design. If you need tall plant pots then you need to find the basis. It depends on the height and volume of the future pot; you can take a plastic bottle for 2 or 3 liters. A plastic bottle needs to be cut on the throat to get a rectangular or square billet. Mix cement and pour it into the received container. A two-liter plastic bottle is also lubricated with oil but only outside, then put it in the center in a filled portion of the solution. Making pots for flowers with your own hands on this technology is not very easy and not very complicated way. You need to take into account that the smaller core being inserted, the thicker walls of the finished product will be at the end. But also its weight will be heavier. If you want to make high pots of cement, then you can choose different blanks-shapes. It can be a bottle or a piece of short pipe.


Clay is considered a traditional material for making flower pots. Buying a clay pot in a store is a very simple option, but try to do it at home. You will burn it yourself, without even having a home of a professional potter’s wheel. This will be for you the opportunity to learn the real art of working with clay and you can then do other things.

Gypsum pots

The procedure for making a pot from gypsum is similar to cement technology. Only the ingredients will need other: gypsum; water; two plastic containers of different volume.


A wicker pot of rods will appeal to fans of eco-style. The process of weaving is not an easy task for beginners, but be sure that all your efforts will be rewarded. If you can not weave something like a basket or a bird’s nest, then you should look for a simpler version. Almost all people can try their skills in this weaving. In addition to the stock of even twigs, you need to prepare: thin rods, thread, bottle and glue. Attach one of the twigs in the base jar and cut it at its height, making a slight allowance. Take the base, a high bottle and start twisting the rods around it. You can fix them with thread or glue. Do this around the bottle or fasten the rods vertically. When you make the necessary height, you just need to remove the base (the bottle) from your weaving.


Just a unique indoor pot can be obtained from a piece of simple wood. You can use a single piece of high log, its width you choose yourself. The idea of creating flower pots from wood is very simple. To obtain tall plant pots, you need to extract the core from the wood billets. The resulting hole should be cleaned and well polished. Here, you choose a hole depending on the height of the future pot. The core can be drilled with a drill from both sides. If a piece of wood is large and you need a three-dimensional pot, then take a saw with an average knife size. You can leave the wooden pot unchanged if you use it in the shower. If you want to keep it at home, then cover the tree with a special lacquer.

Homemade tall planters are very beautiful and stylish decoration of your home. Your flowers will look great in the pot, which you made for them with your own hands. If you prefer to choose pots in the store, then Getpotted.com will offer you the most exclusive models of pots of different shapes and designs.


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