Unemployment levels have never been higher and thanks to the digital revolution of today it’s important that everybody has a good set of IT skills. Basic IT skills are relevant to almost every job which you could possibly get, with the need for more advanced skills being apparent as jobs become more technical. IT is an integral factor of the running of any company in today’s day and age and working towards improving your IT skills and being confident with IT can put you in better standing of getting a job or remaining in your current job. If you think that your IT skills need some brushing up, here are some things which you can do.

Take a Free Online Course

For many people who aren’t confident with IT, taking a free online course is the first step towards improving their skills and building confidence. Free online courses are widely available and you have the option to do them in your own time and work at your own pace. Most courses have guided instructions or even the option to speak to an advisor via web chat if you feel overwhelmed or need some advice. If you are worried about your IT skills you may be able to speak to your employer about enrolment on a free online course to help you with IT at work.

Start a Blog

Starting your own blog isn’t difficult and it’s a great way to not only pass the time but can also help to improve your IT skills as well. You can blog about any subject that you like, from baking cakes to government conspiracy theories. Many people blog as a hobby and as a way of improving their computer and IT skills rather than a way of making money, however it is possible to make an income from a blog through advertisements and affiliate marketing. After blogging for a few years, you may even find that it becomes a window of opportunity for paid writing work. If you’re starting from the ground up learning basic IT skills, blogging about your experiences and progress could make for an interesting read as well as being a personal diary for yourself.


Networking with IT professionals or even people who are confident using computers and IT can help you to learn more and improve your own IT skills. Many people are happy to show others basic IT skills or explain more technical things to you which you’re not sure about. Networking is a great way to find a mentor to help you further your IT skills, learn more about advanced IT courses such as those available at commsupportnetworks.co.uk/, learn new skills and even teach your newly acquired skills to others. Volunteering, blogger meetups, and conferences or trade shows are great places to start when networking.

Improving your IT skills has never been easier in today’s digital age with a range of tools and resources available to you. Going from someone with basic IT skills to an advanced network engineer is definitely within reach.


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