Many modern businesses use the term “forward-thinking” to promote their vision statements. Yet, they often fail to introduce the effective processes to become a pioneer in their industry. To ensure you embody the word, read the following tips on how to become a forward-thinking company.

Forward-Looking Insights

Forward-thinking means so much more than big ideas in a competitive industry. If you want to succeed in your industry, you must gain future insights into both your finances and the marketplace to compete with your rivals and surpass your customers’ expectations.

One way to do so is to introduce a powerful financial management software, which can help you enjoy a combination of business intelligence, streamlined operations and greater control of your finances. Through insight, collaboration and communication, you can enhance productivity and profitability. You can also visit iSolutions for the essential training and support you will need to encourage business growth.

Scenario Planning

Many businesses are more than happy to plan future sales and marketing campaigns, but are less likely to sit down and consider the company’s plausible future. Companies that want to develop and grow must embark on annual scenario planning, which requires teams to sit down and ask “what if?” It’s important to identify the various realistic futures for the company, which should be based on today’s reality. Consider everything from changes to supply/demand, availability, market uncertainties, current trends, potential threats, and worst-case scenarios. Your goal should then be to develop a plan to identify how the business can prepare for each situation.

Hire a Technology Scout

Technology will continue to define modern businesses with each passing year. Companies that fail to move with innovations will risk becoming outdated, as more technologically advanced enterprises will dominate the market.

Regardless of your industry, it might be a wise idea to hire a technology scout, who will identify emerging technologies for your industry/business, or can apply new technologies to your organization. The tech scout’s role will also be to develop reports and research on trends for select markets, which they should distribute to all managers across the company. If you do not have a budget to hire a tech scout, utilize your existing team’s talents, as an employee may have an interest or background in technology.

Discuss Microtrends

A Microtrend is a persuasive phenomenon that can have influence over the market for several years. For example, a form of malware can be a microtrend, as it will use the cyberattacking method to target victims until more people become aware and start to protect themselves.

It is therefore important to stay at the front of your industry and technology to discuss microtrends that can affect company culture, operations, services and the marketplace. Designate one employee from each department to attend a once a month meeting to both predict and discuss microtrends that could impact your business.

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