An effective digital marketing strategy that promotes your brand and drives new customers towards your eCommerce store lies at the foundation of every successful business. One of the huge benefits of digital marketing is that users receive a vast amount of data which can be used to monitor the effectiveness of a particular campaign strategy. The key to making the most of this data is knowing what to look out for when you are analyzing the results. Read on for a few tips on which channels to monitor when assessing the success of your digital marketing efforts.

Social Media

With more than two billion users worldwide, social media is a channel that should not be ignored. Assessing whether your strategy is effective in this area is simply a question of taking the time to look at the followers on your social media pages and seeing whether they match the expectations of your target audience.

If they do, you can be sure your marketing strategy is an effective one. If they do not, your strategy is either wrong, or your products and services are appealing to a new sector of the market you were previously unaware you could reach.

You should also be careful to ensure that your social media pages contain sufficient information about your company and the products you sell to be able to drive leads to your website where customers can go on to make purchases.


Use a tool such as Google Analytics to find out how many people are finding your site through organic search queries, and you will be able to assess just how successful your SEO efforts are being. You can also find information on how many customers are finding your site through referral traffic to see whether the efforts of your marketing team to build-up high-quality links on authority sites are being successful.

You can also make use of tools such as AWR Cloud and SEOClarity to track your rankings. If you see a significant shift in your position and are aware that there is new competition in your field, you should adjust your strategy accordingly.

You can, of course, also pass on responsibility for creating and assessing your digital marketing strategy to a partner with the platform of your choice, such as Black Belt Commerce who work within the BigCommerce eCommerce platform to help you customize your customer experience and optimize your sales.


Content is the forefront of any digital marketing strategy. If you want to be sure your content is attractive and valuable to the visitors to your website, you first need to understand exactly who your target audience is.

By looking at the analytics for your website or your social media metrics, you can view the levels of traffic for each piece of content you produce and see the degree to which people are interacting with your pages. Check back regularly, and if you see any sign of a fall in engagement or a decrease in traffic, you will know that your strategy needs to be adjusted.


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