When you imagine a long term relationship, it’s likely you’ll think of two people living together, or, if they’re not sharing a home, they will be in reasonably close proximity so that they can see each other regularly.

What you won’t automatically think of is a long distance relationship. However, there are many of these that exist, and for a lot of people, they work well, at least as an interim measure until one them can move closer (or they both move to a central place). Often, these relationships are formed online, which is why the locations of each can be so spread apart. You might be in different cities, different states, different time zones, even live in different countries.

Long distance relationships need a lot of work to keep them fresh and exciting, and technology has a part to play in this. If it was tech that brought you together, then it seems fitting that it will also be tech that allows you to stay together. Here is how you can do it.

Hire A Private Jet

This first idea might seem extravagant, but once you start looking into the costs and begin to learn more about what it would take to hire a private jet, you might realize that it’s an ideal way to surprise your partner and keep your relationship a spontaneous, exciting one.

This is especially ideal if you would normally have to drive or take a train to see your partner – taking a plane and then having him or her go for a flight with you will be something entirely different and certainly very memorable. It’s not something that you’ll do every time you meet up, but as a one-off it’s perfect.

Create A Scavenger Hunt

Did you know that you can use the internet to create a unique scavenger hunt for your partner to go on? It’s a good way to get them out and about even if you’re not there, and thanks to video calling, or even live streaming on sites such as Facebook, you’ll be able to see their progress no matter where they are.

What you choose to hide in the final clue is down to you, of course, but tickets to a show when you’re next in town, a coupon for a romantic meal or even an engagement ring would be good choices.

Buy A Round Of Drinks

If you know your loved one is going out for the night with friends, find out which bar they are heading to and call ahead with your credit card to buy a round of drinks for your partner and their group. Technology means that card payments can easily be taken no matter where you are in the world and what you are buying. You might even be able to log onto the bar’s website and buy a round in advance. You could even join in, virtually, with a video call.

Plan Together

Pinterest is a fun site to use. You can ‘pin’ pictures of beautiful things, fascinating places, inspirational quotes, or anything else that you like the look of as you roam the internet.

Why not set up an account that you and your partner share? That way, you can both post images to the same site, showing each other how you are thinking, and planning for the future. If you see the type of house you would like to own someday; you can post it up and show your partner. If they see a car they would like, they can do the same. This is a fun way to use tech to plan a future together and to send one another messages that only you can interpret.

Netflix Together

Since the advent of Netflix, the video streaming service, finding all your favorite movies and shows to watch has never been easier. There so much on there that you are spoilt for choice and for something that will be relatively inexpensive in your life, there’s little reason not to have it.

It is also a piece of tech that will allow for a romantic date night even if your loved one is away from home, or permanently lives away. Using your own devices such as a tablet or smartphone, or linking up to the Netflix service through your TV if it is enabled, means that you can watch the same movie or show at the same time. Put yourselves on speakerphone or use a video calling system and you can chat, comment, discuss what you are watching, and generally be together without actually being in the same room. It’s a great way to feel closer to one another even when you’re apart.

Send Flowers

Once upon a time, if you wanted to send a romantic gesture of flowers, there were a few barriers in front of you. Firstly, you needed to find a flower seller and go inside the store to order the delivery. Next, if they lived out of town or even further away, the price was always going to be potentially prohibitive, or it simply couldn’t be done. Finally, your loved one would need to be at home to receive the flowers, which meant you either had to ruin the surprise and tell them to expect the delivery, or not tell them and hope for the best.

Today, thanks to technology, these concerns are no longer a problem. You can order the flowers online within minutes, so you don’t have to go to a physical store anymore. Plus, because all kinds of different couriers and delivery techniques are used, you can have flowers sent anywhere in the world, and the price won’t be extortionate (although, of course, the further they have to go, the more it will cost). Finally, your loved one doesn’t have to be home to receive their flowers; in many cases, you can order ‘mailbox flowers’ which come in a flat box and can fit in a mailbox. All the recipient has to do is to open up the box, pull out the flowers, and pop them in a vase with water.


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