Although 80% of marketers described their email campaigns as successful when compared to the competition, there are still challenges marketers need to overcome. With a shocking amount of businesses remaining offline and not optimizing the added reach and visibility mobile devices offer, businesses may find engaging, acquiring and retaining customers challenging. Refusing to be mobile friendly creates email marketing limitations – here’s why.

58% of marketers deemed increasing their customer engagement rates as their number one priority, and 44% said they found it the most challenging. Millennials use their mobile phones for everything nowadays, from messaging friends, uploading content to social media, reading the news, to using their mobiles over landlines and opening and reading their email.

For better engagement rates, use segmentation and personalization to generate more relevant content which can be sent through automation. Make sure your content is relevant to the receivers, and design the content around a mobile-friendly, email template. Not only is this a great strategy to engage with and retain existing customers, but effective email campaigns are 40 times more effective at attaining new customers than social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Mobile-friendly emails make it easier for people to discover your business and stay updated on your products and services. Make sure your emails find your customers, not vice versa. Otherwise, your brand’s visibility will diminish and as your mobile-friendly competitor’s awareness grows.

How Not Being Mobile Friendly Can Create Challenges


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