One of the big questions when we start playing sports, especially if our purpose is to lose weight, is what physical exercise to choose and how many calories it can help us burn. Aerobic exercise is usually considered to burn the most calories, but there are other variables to consider.

Now, Harvard Medical School has released information on the calories burned by different and numerous physical exercises in 30 minutes of physical activity based on our weight and the intensity of the exercise we do.

Surprisingly, although aerobic exercise does burn a lot of calories, there are other activities that practically equal or even surpass them, such as boxing.

Calories are basically the energy that our body has at its disposal and which it uses to function. This energy is provided by our food and we spend (or burn) it with our daily activity – not only active, but also passive. Physical exercise burns calories, of course, but so does breathing, blood circulation or digestion.

Physical exercise is one of the most variable factors in our daily calorie-burning, but also one of the few we can control. To put it simply, calories, for energy, are burned from fat and carbohydrate reserves.

In any case, one of the main things we should keep in mind is that the calorie burning we do through exercise is hardly going to compensate for not moving all day or for high calorie consumption. For example, to burn a slice of pizza we would have to run for 43 minutes. The reality is that we are inefficient at burning calories through sport.


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