Technology has revolutionised more than a few aspects of our lives. Over the last few years our capabilities have expanded exponentially and tech has continued to make our lives better and help us overcome our shortcomings.


The medical industry especially has benefitted greatly from advances in tech. Robotic surgery in particular was once incredible but these days is just continuing to astound with its improvements. These robotic instruments used in surgery are allowing surgeons to perform procedures that seemed completely beyond human capability.

Tech is also improving our quality of life. Gadgets like the Amazon Echo are an excellent accessory for anyone’s life, helping us learn to be more organised and allowing us to control other elements within our home. We can track our mental health with wearable gadgets like Zenta and Feel that help us recognise what stresses us. There also exists all kinds of apps that are designed to help us overcome small, every day difficulties and generally make our lives easier.


Fitbit has revolutionised the way we exercise and motivated thousands of people to turn their life around and get active. The Fitbit Charge 2, the latest version of the Fitbit, is capable of tracking heartrate, weight loss, nutrition, sleep and can even tell the difference between running on a road and climbing stairs.

Prosthetics have also been given special attention and are now more advanced and high-tech than ever. One of DARPA’s latest prosthetic limbs managed to mimic the sense of touch using a series of electrode arrays on the sensory cortex and motor cortex of a paralysed man. We’re getting closer and closer to achieving a prosthetic limb that’s capable of entirely replacing and potentially being better than an organic limb.

Generally getting around is also become easier and safer thanks to some of the latest tech. One of the best developments we’ve seen is transportation for those with mobility issues. The new models of TGA mobility scooters online, like the Vita X, are more advanced than ever before and those with mobility impairments can now drive their scooters across almost any kind of terrain. These advances in mobility technology are allowing people to reclaim their independence and live life to the fullest.


We can learn languages at the touch of a button, which encourages all of us to expand our horizons and explore the world. Apps for our phone like Duolingo and Hello Talk can be used to study languages, test us on what we know and even connect us with people all over the world so that we might practice and get better.

Technology is also helping those with impairments and disabilities to learn and improving the quality of their education. Gadgets like the C-Pen and software like Dragon Speech are helping children with difficulties reading and writing to keep up with their classmates’ learning pace. The C-Pen is a handheld device that scans written words and reads them allowed while the Dragon Speech software allows you to interact verbally with a computer. Children with impaired mobility or poor eyesight can easily take tests by answering test questions out loud to a computer.


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