Empathy is the affective participation of a person in the feelings of another person. That is to say, to be able to put yourself in the shoes of the other to know how it feels. It’s a beautiful attitude to go through life like this. But what happens when that person who ‘suffers’ does it every day?

We all have problems, but he is there, he is chasing you around the office, wherever you are and he always has something to regret.

First question: aren’t we attracting people of this kind, are we? Wouldn’t it be better to approach colleagues who also live in this world but their subject isn’t a monologue about themselves?

When the complaint comes from an egocentric complainer, it’s insufferable. Above all because you invest time and your best advice in someone who isn’t really having such a bad time. What’s more, in two days you’ll be surprised with great positive news that, of course, he did not expect and that oh chance, not even in dreams would happen to you.

The best advice for dealing with this type of personality is to let go of a What do you plan to do about it…? every time he tell you that he got a problem. You’ll see how he’s mute, because he’s not going to do anything nor want to do it, but just complain until your patience runs out.

Second question: are you really determined to do something to get rid of that jerk or do you just want to complain too?


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