It had already leaked earlier this month, but it has not been until yesterday that Boston Dynamics is coming out to announce the most impressive robot they have developed to date: ‘Handle’, a robot that uses wheels on its legs, jumps And also maintains the balance, and shows us in a video and explains some details of this impressive robot.

Unlike the rest of its robots with two or four limbs, Handle stands out for bringing a new design where they stand out a pair of wheels on the legs, with which it is able to rotate on its own axis, down stairs or hills, Even if they are snowy. But most impressive is its ability to balance, as it has its own stabilizer that makes each wheel run independently regardless of the terrain conditions.

All these features allow him to jump while he is in motion, overcome the obstacles and follow his path without problems. It has a size of 1.98 meters and is capable of jumping up to 1.22 meters. It is best to watch it in action in the next video.


Handle is fully electric and with a full load is able to travel up to 25 kilometers. Its maximum speed is 14.5 km / h and its design gathers the best of the dynamics and balance principles of its biped and quadruped brothers. It is equipped with hydraulic and electric actuators, but unlike the other robots that Boston Dynamics has created, Handle only has 10 joints that give full movement to its extremities.

According to Boston Dynamics, Handle is the easiest to build robot they have developed, this allows their cost to be well below the rest of their robots, but their tasks and operation make it even more efficient for certain environments. However, there are as yet no marketing plans or large-scale production, as Handle, like the rest of its siblings, are so far robots for research and development purposes.


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