6 Top Tips to Ensure That People Read Your Blog Posts

Are you starting a new blog? Worried that people won’t read it? We understand. You’re spending your time and energy creating your blog and filling it with quality blog posts. It’s a big-time commitment to start a blog and it’s important to get your return on investment! That’s why we’re bringing you our best tips for making sure people are seeing and reading your blog posts.

Half the Battle: Getting People to Click
Your blog is part of a vast sea of content competing for your audience’s attention. How do you make yourself seen amongst all the clamor? Well, if you employed these strategies to your blog you can capture readers and turn them into subscribers.

1. Share Your Posts Everywhere

There are a lot of platforms to share information on and that means there are a lot of opportunities to get your blog posts out in front of people. If you’re only sharing your posts on your website, only on Facebook, or only in your weekly newsletter, you’re missing so many chances for clicks down the road.

Make a start with your email newsletter, a great guide that will help you with email marketing is The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing for Beginners by OptinMonster. You should always start with emails as this is the place your readers are most likely to be looking all the time. So, provide plenty of opportunities for your guests to subscribe to your newsletter through your blog itself, through your Facebook page, and through any other outlets where your guests may potentially discover you.

Don’t let social media slip through the cracks, because it’s a great place to get discovered by the people that could be your biggest fans. Your followers will see your posts and be able to easily share them with their friends if you’re consistently posting them to your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

2. Let Them Know What’s in It for Them

People read blog posts because it provides some kind of value to them. Whether this value is information or entertainment, you should be identifying where the value to your reader exists at every turn. This is something that you should be using to check yourself on the effectiveness of your content, and also something that you should be using in your marketing to capture your reader’s interest.

When you plan out your title, your opening paragraph, and your online promotion, you should be doing so with this mentality in mind. Time is a precious commodity nowadays. Are you effectively showing your audience why your blog posts are worth their time?

3. Start a Conversation

You’re not the only one blogging about the things your readers care about. But instead of seeing this as competition, you should instead choose to look at it as an opportunity.

There are other well-established bloggers out there with long lists of readers who have not yet heard of you. Many of them certainly have room in their lives for more than one of you, assuming that you have well written posts and a unique perspective on the subject matter. Go to these bloggers and start a conversation with them and their readers. There are many ways that you can foster and take advantage of these relationships.

The first and easiest way to start a conversation is by commenting on their posts a link to your blog. Right off the bat, you’ve introduced yourself to the blogger and their followers, and you may get some people clicking through to see what you’re all about. Commenting on posts that you’ve written similar subjects on can also be a great way to attract people who are already interested in the subject and they potentially may want to read another person’s perspective on the topic of conversation.

Another way to do this is by linking to other bloggers in your own posts. Linking to other bloggers invites them to join the conversation, improves your search rankings, and is just good manners if you’re using their ideas.

The last and perhaps most effective method of driving traffic to your blog from another blog is a guest post. A guest post is when you write a blog post for another blog, potentially one that has a larger following, in hopes of getting exposure amongst their viewership. If you’re going to ask another blog for the opportunity to write a guest post, make sure that you are bringing plenty of good writing samples to the table, along with multiple subject ideas for the guest post.

What to Do Once You Have Them
How many articles do you actually finish reading? If you’re like many, the answer is very few. Many readers are simply skimming through an article to get the jist of it and then moving on. If you want to capture your audience for more than just the click through, read on.

4. Deliver on Your Promises

Yes, you want a catchy title that will pique your audience’s interest, but not at the expense of tricking them into clicking on hollow promises. Clickbait is something that is becoming more popular recently and this is something you’ll want to avoid, yes it will get you clicks, but this won’t work out in the long run as these clickers may not stick around and it definitely won’t gain you subscribers. Keep your titles simple and descriptive, so that interested readers will be able to identify how your post is going to help them. And follow through with your promises!

Don’t fill your blog posts with fluff or unnecessary text. Many articles draw readers in with one “unbelievable” fact or piece of information, and then draw out the reveal to keep people on the page and justify the existence of an entire article for what a sentence could accomplish. This frustrates visitors and doesn’t make them want to read your article let alone come back for more. Fill your posts with substance. It may help if you were to reread your post with this question in mind, “Are there weak points where the reader may get bored or frustrated and bail?”

5. Make It Easy to Read

If you’re greeting your guests with a wall of unbroken text, they’re not going to want to read it. The way you format your blog posts can make them look intimidating and boring, or interesting and concise.

How do you make your blog post appealing? The experts say to start with a picture, and then break up the text that follows into short, manageable chunks. Slideshows can be useful, just make sure that it runs well and that they’re optimized for mobile. Use other design characteristics such as text size, colour, or characteristics like bolding and italicizing to create dimension and flow.

While the idea of a list post may make you roll your eyes, there’s a reason they’re so popular: lists are easy to read. Present your ideas in an appealing and manageable way, and your readers will reward you with their attention.

6. Tell a Story

Stories are a universal human language that have been used throughout human history to relate, entertain, and inform. There’s no better way to engross your reader than to tell a compelling story, so take advantage of this powerful tool in your writing. The story doesn’t always have to be the whole purpose of the post, but a related personal story can help make any topic more interesting.


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