A few ways to generate some extra income at home

Some people work from home on a full-time basis, while others do it part-time to boost their family incomes. Still, some operate as freelancers, while others work for certain employers. Whichever avenue you choose to take, what’s important is that you gain good returns in the end. If you fancy the idea of making extra money and working from home, below are some of the ventures you can explore.


When it comes to friendly businesses, blogging is one of them. Once you set up a blog, begin writing useful content that is based on your experience and expertise. While at it, be sure to build great relationships on social media and around the web. Focus on creating content that will inspire your readers in some ways to encourage them to share. The quality and usefulness of your content, how often you blog, your market niche and how you promote your site will determine your earnings and the duration it takes to start making money. One top trick is to target profitable niches, focus on your areas of interest, hone your social media skills, connect with fellow bloggers and invest in training.

Sell on eBay

You can make good returns by becoming a member of the eBay selling community. Many old items around your house can be worth good cash, but to get it rolling in, you need to know how to place yourself on the market. Don’t be quick to throw everything away but sell it all. When it comes to eBay, what you find unnecessary is another’s dream come true. Create your eBay account, and describe every item you place on the market. If you were a buyer, what details would you like to find in the product? Include everything about the product from the colour, brand name, condition, specifics, dimensions and the model number. Begin by giving a low starting price to draw in bids. However, avoid setting a very low bid; otherwise, you may sell at a knock-down price.

Arts and crafts in Etsy

Sell Arts and Crafts on Etsy

Can you knit a nice scarf, make jewellery and get creative with art? Can you also take intriguing photos? What is your perspective on vintage styles and can you get them at a bargain? Well, if art and craft is something you treasure, you could quickly make good money selling on Etsy. Etsy.com is an online marketplace for handmade crafts. As much as it is a money making platform, only join if you enjoy creating. Here, you have complete control over your pricing. The most profitable bit about the site is that people looking for handmade crafts look there first and not from individual websites, and this gives you a better chance of getting serious clients. Successful sellers know how to balance their creative side with marketing and customer service.

Online Trading

Online trading is a platform that anyone with patience and dedication can join to earn extra cash with little to no money. In some cases, no money is required to begin trading, while in others a little amount is required. Since today’s markets are interlinked, there is always an open trade happening, and most of them can be accessed easily. It is always a matter of identifying the right market and opportunity. If you choose to day trade stocks from home, for instance, you may be exposed to a capital intensive arena that could potentially pose high risks for you. As a trader, therefore, you need to be aware of different markets requiring less capital and also those presenting low barriers to entry. Make use of research platforms and be curious to see what’s going on in relevant sources such as CMC markets before investing any time or money.

Teach Online

If you are specialised in a certain area and have the interest of training others, you can make money as an online tutor. Whether you choose to teach science, languages, math, music or anything else, you can earn tonnes of money. Tutoring is, in fact, the perfect work to handle from home because there are many people around the world looking for the knowledge you already have. While setting your hours of training and the rates, you get the freedom to indulge in what you enjoy doing. Also, most of these jobs do not require you to have a degree to train. While you can use the traditional methods of advertising yourself such as putting fliers up, the best method to ensure you are quickly noticed is using the online platforms such as social media.

Working from home has its share of rewards, especially when some effort is involved. So, when you decide to work from home, measure the potential profits you could make and set realistic goals.



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