A year after the coronavirus is still present in our lives there are certain video game events that still do not want to bring back the public. One example is the E3 2021, having indicated that it will be completely digital, but Gamescom 2021 seems to be one of the first to try to bring back the attendees.

Its organizers have published a statement offering all the details of this year’s edition that will run from August 25 to 29 and about which it has been indicated that the intention is that it will be a hybrid event with digital elements and with the possibility for the public to attend, both exhibitors and video game fans.

To make this possible, an entertainment area will be designed, which will only be open to a small number of visitors and will be designed to test new releases, including a digital queue management system. In addition, there will also be a stage for eSports competitions and cosplay contests.

Even so, exhibitors will not have to come in person in case they prefer to do everything digitally. The same will be true for the public itself, who will be able to follow all the news in detail from their homes. In fact, Geoff Keighley himself has announced that on August 24 a new Opening Night Live will be broadcasted, as it happened last year, and that it will be in charge of kicking off this great video game fair.

According to his personal Twitter account, we can expect a spectacular event that will be full of announcements, news and many other surprises, so a new edition of the most interesting Gamescom is coming.


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