Maybe you figured it out, too. During the sequence of celebration of the victory that takes place in the halls of Winterfell, with a well-sprinkled banquet of wine and sexual pairings, in Danny doubts begin to arise about Jon’s loyalty when he sees how he is celebrated as a monarch by the northerners.

It’s a look of intensity and concern from Clarke, who loses some effectiveness when you realize that SOMEONE LEFT A STARBUCKS COFFEE ON THE STAGE.

Once you realize it, it’s impossible to miss it. As much as Throne Play is the most expensive HBO series, it’s not free of the kind of typos that can occur in the most gigantic productions.

Unlike everything that happened in the dark battle last week, the detail has not gone unnoticed in the eyes of the fans of the series, who soon filled the social networks with references to the coffee glass on the table.

Do we have a new meme on the way?


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