As the world of business rapidly moves into the fast-paced future, utilizing the latest technology innovations to their advantage, so must wider industries. Long gone are the days where you planned a new home on graph paper and began building with rough estimations of cost and scale, with a fear for both client and construction company that it would run over budget. Of course, these methods did work, and we have a wealth of beautiful homes throughout the country which are a testament to them. However, technology is increasingly being implemented for home renovation projects, from designing a brand new build to changing the color scheme, furniture and appliances within.

Architectural Design

If you are starting from the very beginning, and creating your dream home from scratch, it’s very possible you will enlist the help of an architect to ensure your perfect home can come to life. Technology is revolutionizing the architecture business as more are choosing to use virtual reality in the development stage of projects. Using virtual reality (VR) to create and construct a virtual world can greatly help architects plan exact proportions to the design schemes. Specialized companies such as VR Lucas Studios can provide clients with detailed animated spaces to virtually walk around to see if it fits their ideas and specifications. By popping on a headset, clients and architects can explore the virtual designs and make any changes which it may need easily without wasting valuable paper resources.

Who hasn’t been through the whole thing of walking into a kitchen and see that it is much smaller than we thought? A kitchen remodeling company that is up to date technologically, will offer us a 3D vision, with people included, that will allow us to have an exact idea of the proportions of the projected renovation.

Interior Design

Like with architecture software, the world of interior design has been revolutionized with the introduction of software which can help create beautiful visions of what the client desires and see if it’s correct and will look the best it can. Not only can you create pictures, but the most recent software updates means you can build 3D models. It enables the interior designer to plan their costs accurately for the client, as well as to fit the scheme to the proportions of the current or future rooms.


Technology is not only being utilized in the planning stages of home renovation, but it is also extremely helpful for construction companies. The software is changing the way construction companies, especially larger-scale ones, order supplies, take stock of what they already have and share data and cost estimations with various employees focused on the project. By using a cloud-based app for your construction company, it means that any sensitive data is protected, such as payment methods, and it can be easily accessed from wherever you are – which is very handy if your project is miles away from the office.

Smart Appliances

Once you’ve created and built the dream home, technology can assist with the enjoyment and satisfaction of the client living in the house. The range of smart appliances is increasing in popularity. While once they were seen as futuristic and only obtainable by the super-rich, smart appliances are now in every kitchen, living room, bedroom, and even bathroom. These appliances can range from a kettle which you can switch on from the comfort of your bed in the morning using WiFi, to a smart home hub such as Google’s Home, which can play music, control the television and set reminders using voice recognition.


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