The way skillful analysts or marketers open Excel looks very elegant and their sharp movements look no less than magic. They are very much fluent in Excel because if you break down their movement, you will notice different sorts of formulas, keyboard shortcuts, subtle clicks on the mouse and moreover experience and practice. Excel has several valuable tools which are necessary for performing marketing task. The job of a marketer mainly revolves around checking budgets, running statistics and analyzing data, so they spend a lot of their significant time on this software. It not only helps to manage the marketing work but also makes room for overall management of different business activities. Here are certain Excel skills which marketers cannot do without.

Vlookup function
This function is a boon for the marketers. It helps them to compare and connect different gradient of data. By using this formula, you can compare two tables where one value from the first table should exist in the second table. So if you are planning to add some new keywords to your Excel sheet, then you can easily examine two types of table frames. Vlookup indicates vertical lookup which means that it will scrutinize the table and search for the data vertically.

Pivot table
Pivot table is mainly used for arranging and categorizing data in tabular form. It is considered to be one of the most effective and extremely helpful features of Excel. You can easily analyze, search, summarize and provide the data. Any kind of data will be considered valuable if someone can easily review all the extrapolated vital trends.

Charting is a way to represent the collected data in a visual form. It makes the data look more appealing especially in cases where you are presenting it to any key stakeholders or clients. All you need to do is copy the data and then click the insert option and pick the category of the chart which you want to implement.

Keyboard shortcuts
Instead of moving the cursor to the destined option you can save a lot of time by learning these shortcuts. It is quite hard to know every expansive offering in Excel but starting with basic shortcuts like Excel MOD is quite important in the marketing world. For example, if you press Control + Home, then it will help you to insert a data set in the first cell. If you want to summarize the data of a complete column, then you can click CMD + shift + T. It’s quite simple, right?

It is one of the simplest functions and can save you a fair amount of time. If you want to add two columns and recreate a single one, instead of retyping all the data all you have to do is use the concatenate function. However, at first, you will have to insert a new column and then concatenate two cells into the new one.

This little primer on the Excel will definitely benefit you a lot. Mastering these skills can consume some from your time, but by becoming familiar with these, you will be able to analyze the data more efficiently.


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