As an online retailer, it is your goal to drive sales. While there is a plethora of wisdom out there regarding marketing tips, advertising advice and upselling techniques, there might be a way to increase sales you haven’t considered before.

If you want to increase transactions, take another look at your checkout process. Clunky checkout pages with limited options can turn off customers and thwart online sales.

To that end, consider these simple ecommerce tips to make online purchases easier to accomplish for your patrons.

Offer More Shipping Options

Let’s take a moment to ask, what is an ecommerce business? Shopify defines ecommerce as “the sale of physical products online.” As you might expect, the fulfillment of a customer’s order also includes the process of shipping it to them.

For better or for worse, customers are accustomed to getting their products delivered relatively quickly. This is especially true now that services like Amazon Prime can deliver merchandise overnight, often for no additional charge. Unfortunately, this set a ridiculously high standard for the ecommerce industry as a whole.

Still, it doesn’t help e-stores to ignore this trend. Especially when the Baymard Institute reports that 18 percent of orders are abandoned because “delivery was too slow.” Similarly, a large number of cart abandonments are due to excessively high shipping costs.

If you want to ensure purchasing from your online retail website is easy and accommodating, you will need to offer whatever shipping options you can muster. Common examples include free ground shipping for orders of $50, flat-rate shipping, opportunities to spend more for faster shipping, and the like. You may even want to experiment with “no rush” shipping that rewards buyers with coupon codes or cash back for slower delivery times.

Allow for Different Forms of Payment

It’s no secret that consumers love options. It makes them feel like they are in control of their own shopping experience. As an ecommerce vendor, that’s exactly how you should want them to feel. One of the ways to encourage this is offering a number of payment options.

While the vast majority of online shoppers still use credit and debit cards to complete their orders, some consumers prefer to use PayPal, Bitcoin or digital wallets via Google and others. In many cases, these forms of payment are considered safer or more secure than sharing credit card credentials, which are regularly stolen by hackers. In other cases, these payment methods are super trendy, especially for tech-enthusiasts. So, if you are selling electronics or somehow catering to a techie audience, it’s wise to allow for alternative forms of payments.

Clear a Path to Checkout

If you want to make purchasing from your ecommerce site easier for customers, you’ll need to make the checkout process simple as can be. If your checkout process is six pages long, you’ll want to cut that down to three pages max (delivery information, payment information, confirmation for example).

Similarly, you’ll want to avoid distractions as much as possible. This means eschewing pop-up advertisements, unnecessary redirects, suggestions for similar products, and even coupon codes entry forms. Now, this might seem counterintuitive. For instance, you might use similar product suggestions to upsell potential buyers or coupon codes to motivate sales. But if you are experiencing a high level of abandoned orders, it might be a sign that these strategies are preventing sales by giving buyers too much to think about during a crucial portion of the sales process.

If you aren’t sure whether your strategies are working to increase sales or paralyze the checkout process, consider A/B testing your checkout pages. This will help you determine the best course of action.

Harness the Power of One-Click Checkout

If you really want to make checkout quick and easy to help boost sales, consider enabling one-click checkout. Amazon uses this strategy to capitalize on impulse buying. It’s so well known that the producers of South Park made an episode about consumer ordering things from Amazon without ever remembering doing so.

Of course, a customer will need to complete at least one order sharing their mailing address, preferred form of payment, email address for a receipt, etc. before you can enable single-click checkouts. But once this information is confirmed, you can provide your shopper this powerful purchasing capability.

Hopefully this guide has given you some ideas regarding the best ways to simplify sales and appease customers.


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