Quick and easy payments using clover POS systems

When it comes to using a merchant account service, you want to know that you have a good quality system that is fast and efficient. With the amazing portable credit card machine options from Merchant Account Solutions, you can have just that confidence. These systems, such as the Clover Mini and Clover Go, make it easy to accept credit card payments anywhere, at any time. If you’re looking for quick, easy solutions for your clients to pay for services rendered, then consider a few of these Clover POS systems.

Clover Mini

This system allows you to have a small area for your credit card machine on your counter while giving you big results. Clover Mini can do as much or as little as you wish it to do depending on the programming you choose. Accept all types of payments in your business location while keeping the cash register to a sleek, minimal design. You can easily customize the Mini to do whatever you need it to in running your business efficiently.

On the Go

Whether you have a food truck, restaurant, or offer services at someone’s home, having a portable card swipe machine on hand is a must. With the many options at Merchant Account Solutions, your credit card processing system goes with you. This makes it quick and easy to accept a variety of payments on the go. You can use the Clover Go to add to your smartphone and swipe the card when you’re ready to leave the customers site. You can also choose the Clover Flex to check customers out when they are finishing dinner at their table or around the store.

The options are endless with the Clover POS systems in adding efficiency and easy processing to your business location.


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