No one trusted ‘Sonic’ too much. When its first trailer was announced it was unanimously rejected by the fans, which led to a total aesthetic reformulation to make the main character look more like the endearing hedgehog of video games. And then there was the issue of the eternal curse of video game based films, always with such debatable results. However, for some reason, it turned out well.

‘Sonic. The Movie’ was a nice family adventure full of fan winks, with a perfect Jim Carrey as Robotnik and a lot more general coolness than you might have feared at first. Besides, luck was on its side, and it was released shortly before the pandemic, which has made it one of the biggest box office hits of 2020, with over $300 million in takings and surpassed only by ‘Bad Boys for Life’. The sequel was more or less guaranteed, and Variety confirms that the project is on the table.

In this sequel, according to Variety, Jeff Fowler as director and Pat Casey and Josh Miller as writers. What has not yet been made public is the cast, although it is not very risky to ensure that Jim Carrey will be on board as Robotnik, as the first film promised. The film also has no planned release date, as it is in the early stages of development.


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