Colour is an important aspect of life. Different colours have different meanings, and provoke different emotions. It is no wonder that colour is an important part of branding and advertising. In this article, we will discuss how to choose your label’s colour to speak volumes about your product.

When one imagines the colour green, different images come to mind. The first thought many people have is nature.

Eco and Earth

Green symbolizes the Earth, trees, fertility, health and wealth – think green stacks of money. On the flipside, green may also symbolize jealousy, ill health and greed. The type of product you wish to label should be complimented with a colour that can describe the product itself. Green is a suitable colour for organic products, medicines, and packaged foods. Red is bold colour that screams excitement, danger, passion, and love. Red has also been shown to increase appetite, which is evident in the number of fast food restaurant chains with the colour red incorporated into their logo. Five Guys, McDonald’s, Burger King, Nandos and KFC are just a few examples. A red label will be good for takeout containers, children’s toys and play sets, and any product with romantic intentions. If your products are not related to any of these, and you just want to catch the attention of potential buyers, red can be a safe bet.

Target towards Woman

Pink is seen as a feminine colour, and is usually targeted towards women. If you want to label any feminine products or goods that are geared towards women, pink is the easiest recognizable colour. Blue invokes feelings of calm, with the lighter shades seen as innocent and pure. Many baby products are tagged with blue labels. Blue also makes you think of water. Blue is a primary colour for water companies and watersport products. Black is an authoritarian colour. It is a symbol of power, and is also used to provide contrast with other colours. Products that invoke feelings of power and confidence, such as sports paraphernalia, can be tagged with black labels. Metallic labels, such as gold and silver labels, are usually used to denote wealth and class.

Luxury goods

Many luxury goods come with metallic labels. Fluorescent or neon colours are attention-grabbing and tend to stand out from other shades of colours. Protective equipment and children’s toys can be labelled with neon colours.

Attract interest in your products by choosing the right coloured labels to draw in customers, as colour is a huge factor in marketing strategy. Coloured labels are not solely for business purposes though. They are also useful for labelling things at home. You can put labels on your containers and order them by colour to help organize your kitchen. You can also use coloured labels to differentiate between the diverse genres of your CD collection. If you are searching for the perfect place to purchase your coloured labels, look no further. Click here to view a wide variety of high quality coloured labels that can be printed on with any modern printer.


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