The owner of Amazon and the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, presented this Thursday night the ship Blue Moon, which aims to reach the Moon in 2024.

It is a project of a landing vehicle developed by the company Blue Origin, also owned by Bezos and with which the magnate began three years ago his space career with private capital. “For the benefit of the Earth, we must return to the Moon, this time to stay,” he said. With this initiative, Bezos assures that they are “prepared to support NASA” to reach the Moon in 2024, although he acknowledged that he does not yet have an exact date for its launch.

The spacecraft, which has been designed to transport material to the Moon’s south pole, is capable of carrying up to six tons of weight and will be adapted to carry scientific instruments and even a future pressurized vehicle to transport humans. “Blue Moon is a moon landing craft that can transport different loads of different sizes to the Moon. Its ability to make precise and smooth moon landings will enable a substantial human presence on the Moon in the future,” reads the description of the spacecraft on the Blue Origin website. The objective is to land on the Moon’s southern pole, an area where there is water, which could be exploited to produce hydrogen, with which the Solar System could later be explored, Bezos explained on Thursday during the presentation of the spacecraft.



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