How to choose the best plugins for your WordPress website

Do you want to extend the functionality of your WordPress website by adding a new plugin or plugins to it? It’s tempting to want to do this, but you should be aware of the problems that can be caused if you add too many plugins. Every time you install a new plugin, it increases the risk of your website slowing down or even getting hacked. Below are some ways you can ensure that you only install WordPress plugins that will benefit your website.

Consult with Your Web Designer

Today’s web designers are aware of all the components, including plugins, that can improve a website. If you think a certain plugin or additional functionality is required on your website, you should consult with an expert in web design Coventry.


Finding out how other people fared when they installed a particular plugin is important and thanks to online reviews, it’s becoming much easier to find out just how good a plugin is. Websites like list all the leading free plugins that are currently available and include a wide range of details about each one, including the number of downloads of each plugin, how users rated a plugin and comments about their experiences using the plugin. Sifting through the plugin listings on WordPress is an effective way to find the most reliable and appropriate solutions for your website.

Number of Plugins Already Being Used

Before you even think about adding a new plugin to your WordPress website, it’s crucial to assess the current situation and find out how many plugins you have already installed. You can do this by going to the plugins section in your WordPress Admin panel and identifying the active plugins on your website. If there is already a large number of plugins installed on your website, it may be necessary to remove or deactivate less important plugins or avoid adding another one altogether.

Look at Other Websites That Are Using the Plugin

To get a feel for how a plugin is working, you may need to get inspiration from other website owners and developers. Check similar websites to yours and see if they have any additional features that are not present on your website. If you do find these additions, there’s a good chance a plugin is providing this additional functionality.

Premium Versus Free Plugins

As mentioned earlier, there are many free plugins available that are designed to enhance all types of websites. However, many plugin developers also have paid options available that include functionality and features that are superior to their free counterparts. To make your website look more professional and operate more effectively, it may be worth your while investing in one or more of these premium WordPress plugins.

With hundreds of WordPress plugins to choose from, it can be difficult to select the most appropriate ones for your requirements. However, by taking into account the advice above, you are more likely to install the best plugins for your WordPress website.


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