They seem to be good times for Amazon, as the company has begun to expand its delivery services to different regions around the world. Although some time ago the company had started a couple of tests for Amazon Prime in the UK, yesterday was the turn of its home country, achieving quite good results.

Everything was done at the MARS conference (machine learning, Automation, Robotics and Space exploration), where the device delivered a few bottles of sunscreen to the attendees. Obviously all this was arranged by the company, however the entire process of dispatch by the machine was completely autonomous.

It should be noted that although this test is not the first to be carried out by the company in the United States, it is still necessary for the relevant authorities to approve it to begin operations, since the use of drones by civilians in private flights is prohibited in most of the country, requiring special permission to be able to fly. Even so, this test leaves the door open so that in the near future the service will be definitively established, achieving the company’s goal of executing deliveries in 30 minutes by means of these aerial vehicles.


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