Marketers are well versed to technological innovations impacting their role – they are, after all, the fuel for their creativity and providers of new platforms for their campaigns to be developed for; yet, how will AI affect marketing practices and the professionals within the industry?

According to research from Big Rock, a London based B2B digital marketing agency who polled senior decision-making professionals to find out how AI has impacted marketing so far, and future expectations of its affect, 73% of respondents are excited about the industry changes that AI is bringing to the industry.

With new innovations come new challenges, and 73% of senior marketing leaders are excited about the human intelligence skills that will be used to complement and enhance AI, working collaboratively and not against each other. 70% of respondents cited creative thinking and 42% strategic planning as the ways in which human marketers will outperform AI. While AI will certainly affect marketing strategies, it looks like coexistence is the way forward, rather than industry annihilation.

How to coexist with AI. A guide for Marketers


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