Without a proper foundation, it is very difficult to build something stable with guarantees.
First we have to work on the foundation. Make them more flexible. If they are not adequate for our goals and objectives, everything will fall apart sooner or later.

Achieving balance in all areas of our life is difficult, but not impossible. Resources are limited, and a small, imperceptible mismatch in one area can lead to major, insurmountable imbalances in the future.

Acting with an end in mind is important, as long as it does not break our vital harmony, or go against our principles. Through self-analysis, if we manage to get to the bottom, analyze in detail even the deepest of our beliefs, of our paradigms, and align it with the future vision of what we want, everything will be synchronized little by little, almost automatically, making only small course corrections.

Living in balance and harmony is possible. It requires high initial effort, and subsequent maintenance. However, returning to stability from a deep imbalance not only requires more effort, but also causes much more pain.


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