The United States Government distrusts Huawei. Its intelligence services believe the manufacturer has ties with the Chinese spy services.

AT&T has ruined Huawei’s CES. Both companies planned to announce a collaboration agreement that would take the Chinese manufacturer’s products to the portfolio of phones offered by the US operator. But the pressure exerted by the US government and the suspicions of spying on Huawei, pushed the US operator to cancel the alliance a few days before announcing officially.

The serious issue, however, is that pressures from the Senate would also have affected the agreement between Huawei and Verizon Wireless, according to Android Police. The red operator is, together with AT&T, the largest of the entire American nation.

For Huawei this is a major setback. The Chinese manufacturer was confident that 2018 would be the year of the US conquest, but government pressures have closed the doors of the two largest ‘telcos’ in the country. This situation, in a market where 90% of telephones are distributed with operators, is impossible to solve in the short term.

In spite of everything, Huawei will sell its phones in some of the biggest distributors in the nation (Amazon, BestBuy, etc.) freely. The measure, of a merely palliative nature, does not solve at all the damage that the great ‘telcos’ of the country have done.


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