Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical compound used to make polycarbonate plastics on which there is a recent concern in society. BPA has already been included in the “List of Substances of Very High Concern” of the European Chemical Substances and Mixes Agency (ECHA), since several scientific studies suggest that exposure to it may be related to the development of breast cancer, infertility, diabetes and other conditions related to an alteration in the functioning of the hormonal system.

This issue is not without controversy, since the results of the work are contradictory and also, because they are indirect effects (through hormonal alteration) and that can occur in the long term, it is more difficult to obtain evidence in this regard. Surely it will take years to know exactly what the risks are and at what dose of exposure the damage to health occurs, but in the meantime, it is preferable to apply the precautionary principle and the legislation is increasingly restrictive on the use of bisphenol, especially in the products of alimentary use.

The industry is looking for alternatives to replace bisphenol A but, as a study recently published in the journal Environmental Research shows, this compound is still very present in our lives. Researchers analyzed 112 purchase receipts from Spain, France and Brazil, and detected BPA in 90% of them for the case of Spain and Brazil, and 50% in France tickets. The team went further and also studied the hormonal activity of the extracts of these receipts, finding biological activity of anti-androgenic hormonal character in all those that contained BPA.

With these results and waiting for the legislation, which is already strict with regard to packaging for food use, take measures yourself. The researchers recommend some precautionary measures. For example, we should not mix the tickets with the food in the kitchen when unpacking the purchase, the fish or the meat. Neither we should play with them, nor wrinkle them to throw them, write notes or keep them in the car or the bag. We must, in short, manipulate this type of tickets as little as possible.


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