Every man should have the right tools in his box, but with so many different ones out there, how do you know which ones you need and which ones you will actually use? If you don’t know where to start, have no fear. We’ve narrowed down the most important tools of them all, and put them together in one handy list. So here we have it. Below is our list of six basic, but essential tools that every man should have in his tool box. Do you have them all?


Every toolbox in every tool shed needs a good wrench. Used to tighten nuts and bolts, they come in extremely useful for doing all kinds of handy work. There are many different brands, but your most basic wrench is made from steel, and can be bought online or from any good hardware store. These won’t break the bank, with some starting from as little as $5. Some of the more expensive brands are often made from titanium, and these can vary in price, some being as much as $200. You can get ratchet wrenches, or adjustable wrenches, and with every type comes different uses for each one. Take a look at these different types of wrench with each of their uses explained if you’re unsure which one is right for you.


Perhaps the most important and frequently used tool of them all, pliers are essential for doing some of the most basic jobs around the house. These are made for pulling and twisting nails, and cutting wire, but they can be used for almost anything. Not too expensive, you can get some good quality pliers for a reasonable price. Naturally, the higher quality plier will come with a higher price tag, but even these aren’t extortionate, and the better quality pliers are often worth the purchase, as they can last a lifetime. Having a couple different sizes of pliers in your toolbox will come in handy for all sorts. If your toolbox is missing this essential, check out some of our favorites on this website.


Every handy man needs a chainsaw. Not only used for chopping trees, they can also be used for cutting firewood, pruning shrubs and bushes, or even carving. With so many different ones to choose from, it’s important you get the right one for you. These are the most expensive tool on the list, but if you will use one, they are worth splashing the cash. Make sure you have the right protective equipment prior to using one. Safety goggles or a visor, helmets, ear protectors and gloves are a must, as this tool can be a dangerous one. Chainsaws are available at most good hardware stores and can vary in price, so pop along to your local store or go online to find a good deal. But before you do so, check out this list of 11 things to consider when choosing a chainsaw, to ensure you get the right one.


Electronic drills: By far the best tool on the list and the most fun to use. These are slightly higher in price range, but worth every cent. Having a good drill in your toolbox is essential for jobs that require perfectly round holes of any size. They can be used on doors, drains, walls… well anything really. They also come in handy for assembling flat-pack furniture. Drill bits vary in size, so drills can be used for the smallest jobs to the biggest. You can even get attachments such as angle grinders to put in the drill, so they can be used as more than one tool! They also vary in speed, so play around with different types to get a feel for them. Click here to check out and compare some of the top rated drills of 2019.

Pocket Knife

Pocket knives come with a massive range of uses, from opening parcels, to preparing food, so it’s obvious as to why they are a ‘must have’ tool. You won’t regret having a tool like this around, as you’re guaranteed to find a use for it, either inside the house or out. Just check out this impressive list of 101 pocket knife uses. One of the most popular types is the ‘Swiss army knife’, as it is a multi-use knife. Swiss army knives contain three different shaped blades, razor sharp scissors, bottle openers and metal tweezers – and that’s not all. Some of the more expensive ones have a screwdriver, a thermometer and even a fish-scaler. With a knife like this in your toolbox, it’s hard to go wrong.

Spirit Level

The last thing on our list: a spirit level. Is this technically considered a tool? We think so, so it’s on the list because no good toolbox is complete without one. Used to measure whether a surface is completely level, it’s a must have for every handy man. If you enjoy doing handy work and DIY, then you’ll understand the importance of accuracy, and why these can be essential for jobs that require you to be spot on. If you’re thinking that these sound like a good idea, but you’re not really sure how they work, or what you would use it for, just check out this website for everything you need to know about spirit levels, including how to use one.

And that concludes our list of basic, yet essential tools that every guy needs in his shed. With a toolbox full of this equipment, you may be surprised what you can achieve yourself, meaning you won’t need to hire a handy man to do “odd jobs”, saving you money in the long run. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself down to the local hardware store or have a look online for the best bargains if you need to update your toolbox or fancy splashing out on a new toy. Do you agree with our list, or is there any that you would add?


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