If you can be organized in your business, you will be a lot more productive. There are many different ways to make sure that you always know what is happening and when you are meant to be doing something, and tech – as ever – always seems to be leading the way. If you want to make sure that your business is an organized one over the next 12 months and beyond, here are some tips on how to go about it.

1.- Reduce Clutter

Before you can do anything particularly high tech, it’s a good idea to have a proper clear out of all the trash and unwanted items that somehow get collected in your office space. Make sure you give your office a real deep clean as well because you will feel amazing for it. Remember that although you might only be able to get behind certain items of furniture once a year when you have this kind of purge, making sure the office is kept clean and tidy the rest of the time is important too, and will certainly help with your productivity levels. If you don’t have a lot of time to keep things clean, investing in a robotic vacuum might be worth considering. Leave these running, and they will clear up the mess in your office while you continue to work. Tech is proving useful once again.

2.- Use The Cloud

As you tidy up, and as you continue to work, you will find that there are a lot of paper files taking up space in your office. The more you have, the harder these are to keep track of, plus having files in your office is not secure, especially if that have customers’ personal details or bank details on them.

If you want to be more organized and reduce the amount of paper you have in your office, it is a good idea to utilize cloud technology. You can upload the important files to the cloud where it can be stored securely, ready for when you need them again. They will be easy to find when you do want them too, saving you time and worry. Plus, you can reassure your customers that their information is not kept in a physical form in your office, giving the reputation of your company a positive boost.

3.- Scan It All

If you are going to use the cloud a lot more in order to be organized, you are going to need to find a good scanner. Although some documents such as those created in Word and Excel can be uploaded directly to the cloud, others like receipts and contracts might only be in paper form. Scanning them and them uploading them only adds a few more seconds onto the job, and will mean that you can reduce your paperwork and increase security.

Make sure that you don’t throw any original documents in the trash that are going to be needed later on. Many organizations will be happy with a scanned copy, but sometimes the originals are required, so checking to make sure is a wise move.

4.- Create An App

In order to be as organized as possible whether you are inside your office or out meeting with clients, you can talk to experts about creating an app and having it managed. This app can collate all of your important information and documents, keeping it safe just as it would be in the cloud. Yet you and all of your staff will be able to access those documents even more quickly. Plus you can add contracts for suppliers, make notes, and have all the contact details you need in one place. Could this be of benefit to you? If so, read more here and you can be organized no matter where you are.

This kind of app means that you can look professional in front of your staff, clients, and suppliers, and you will always know what is happening in the various parts of your business.

5.- Organize Your Inbox

What is your email inbox like? Does it contain every email, whether useful, redundant or even spam, that you’ve ever received? Are there emails that you have dealt with but that still lurk in your inbox? Does it look overwhelming each time you open it, so much so that you sometimes miss important emails because you’re not really able to focus properly? If all of this sounds familiar, then you will need to organize your inbox to help you be more productive overall.

You can manage your inbox in such a way that only the emails that need to be dealt with are in your inbox, and everything else is either deleted because it is not required, or moved to a separate folder to be looked at later on when you have more time. You can even automate this process, ensuring that the most important correspondence is seen first, and other items such as newsletters are seen later. This can make a big difference you how productive you are and how organized your business is in general, yet it is only a small change.

6.- Automate Your Social Media

Every business should, ideally, have at least one social media profile. Using social media for your business means that you have a much wider reach, and you can find customers who might never have come across you otherwise. You can also engage more easily with them, and boost your company’s reputation. However, finding the time each day to post on social media can be time-consuming, and sometimes you might not do it at all, or the post isn’t as interesting as you might have liked because you rushed it.

If you create all of your Facebook or Instagram posts in advance, perhaps on a Friday afternoon when the office is a little less busy, you can set them up to post automatically. You can spend your time really thinking about what you want to say, and then ‘set and forget’ for the week.


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