Collection of ‘Must Have Gadgets For Off Grid Living’ from all over the world.

JAQrecharger: It is an off-grid recharger that uses water and salt to recharge your smartphone. Electricity is self -generated when a fresh power card (which contains water and salt) is inserted into the recharger and provides 2400 mAh to enable a full smart phone recharge. The power card is slim (take along multiple cards for long tours), single use and provides instant, smart, clean portable recharging. It recharges most smartphones and all USB-compatible devices.

Gosun Stove Solar Cooker: This awesome solar cooker cooks food in 20 minutes with temperatures reaching 550°F (290°C). It can be arranged in seconds, weighs less than 4lbs, it can be used for baking, boiling and frying.

Must Have Gadgets For Off Grid Living (30) 19Solar Powered Headphones: An hour of solar recharging provides more than 2.67 hours of running off grid time for these headphones when used on maximum volume.

Girasol Solar Coffee Maker: The Girasol Solar Coffee Maker designed by industrial designer Patton uses solar energy to prepare a cup of coffee when you need it.

goTenna: goTenna is a small, rugged device that connects wirelessly with your iPhone or Android smartphone, enables you to text and share your location with any other goTenna-enabled smartphone even if you don’t have network for miles. goTenna uses 151-154 MHz frequencies that makes it extremely long-range, but with an extremely low bandwidth network that allows you to send text messages and GPS coordinates only. goTenna works anywhere on the planet, requires no towers, routers or satellites and allows you to communicate with one another. It costs $150 for two devices, its no use buying one as you need two if want to form your own network.

‘Swirl’ Concept Washing Machine: The “Swirl” by Designaffairs Studio washes clothes using manual rotations; its designed to be used in off grid areas where water is scarce and electricity isn’t available.

Rocking Chair: This innovative rocking chair designed by Shawn Kim is made from used materials and it transforms kinetic energy into electronic power to run your gadgets. Apart from this it comes integrated with lighting and 2-channel stereo speaker that you can power while relaxing or listening to the music on the chair.

Solar Powered Outdoor Workspace: This Solar Powered Outdoor Workspace by Mathias Schnyder is an integrated table with chairs and comes with solar roof; and provides power via an outlet in the table’s center.

Solar Powered Tent: This concept tent will allow campers to keep in touch and power their essential camping gadgets. It’s based on the concept of weaving specially coated solar Must Have Gadgets For Off Grid Living (30) 10threads into conventional fabric to maximize the solar efficiency. Using this technology to the fullest extent, it has three directional glides that can be moved throughout the day to collect the optimum amount of energy. Apart from this, there is a central wireless control hub that shows the energy generated and used, and provides a wireless Internet signal. All information is displayed on a flexible, touchscreen display screen. Integrated into the hub is a wireless recharging pocket that powers smartphones and handheld devices via magnetic induction. And you can find your tent by sending it an SMS message or using RFID technology to make it glow.

Dynamo Shaver: With just 1 minute of winding up, you get 1-2 minutes of shaving time and when recharged via the mains, it takes 8 hours and gives you around 60 minutes of shaving.

Dinner Set and Dishwasher System: This compact portable machine uses the simple principles of manual work in order to clean; simply place the plates and utensils into the rotating dishrack, fill it with water and turn holder to work the inner machinery to rotate the dishrack for cleaning purposes. The drying system works using centrifugal force (system similar to the function of a vegetable dryer).

Sunflower Lunchbox: It’s a solar-powered lunchbox that heats and cools food items at the same time.

Solar Lounge Chair: Recharge your gadgets while relaxing off grid.

KeepCool: Creation of Vincent Gerkens; this gadget keeps your food fresh without any need for electricity.

Solar Powered Water Bottle Cover: This cover can be fixed on standard 2″- water bottles (such as Nalgene, Camelbak and more) and transforms it into a solar-powered lantern.

Must Have Gadgets For Off Grid Living (30) 17Must Have Gadgets For Off Grid Living (30) 18

Must Have Gadgets For Off Grid Living (30) 20Windowblinds Air-conditioner: An innovative air conditioner windowblind concept by Minjoo Kwon that combines an air conditioner with windowblinds while utilizing solar power.

Shake Toothbrush: Its said that we shake a toothbrush about 700 times when we brush our teeth for about 3 minutes; the kinetic energy generated during the brushing is stored and used to keep the toothbrush clean.

iPad Rocking Chair: iRock developed by Zurich-based Micasalab, is a modernized version of the age old rocking chair with the ability to recharge your iPad or iPhone just by simply rocking back and forth and also power the speakers-system equipped in the chair itself.

YoGen Recharger: This portable handheld recharger uses yoyo action to recharge your gadgets.

Pullight Dynamo: The Pullight Dynamo features a light that obtains its power from stored kinetic energy that is built up by pulling a string.

Solar Shower: This solar shower comes with 5-gallon capacity and provides an eight-minute shower with solar-heated water.

Solar Jacket Recharger: This gadget is a cool combination of fashion and technology. It’s a solar power station to keep your smartphone, portable media player, notebook computer, digital camera, and other portable gadgets fully powered while you are working outdoors.

Solar Powered Lawnmower: Use the solar energy to mow your lawn.

Solar Sound System: The Soulra XL Solar-Powered iPod/iPhone Sound System comes with a flip-out solar panel; it allows you to recharge your iPod or iPhone while you listen to music through the speakers.

Light Shovel: The Light Shovel designed by Shenfen Wang comes with integrated lighting in the shovel stick. The kinetic energy generated by its usage during the day gets transferred into stored power and can be used for nighttime lighting.

Must Have Gadgets For Off Grid Living (30) 28Solar Curtains: This prototype is made from a flexible translucent material, completely covered with thin solar panels that creates energy which can then be used to supply to various appliances and gadgets.

Eton FRX3 Handpowered Recharger: FRX3 is a solar and winding powered AM, FM, weather radio with clock. It also features a built-in USB smart phone recharger.

Must Have Gadgets For Off Grid Living (30) 31Solar Powered Planter: Depending on the natural light the planter will glow for 2 to 8.

Nightlux Handpowered Lamp and Flashlight: Its lightweight and compact design makes this lantern perfect for off-grid living; its handpowered or recharges via USB, has two brightness modes, and easily goes from flashlight to lantern.



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