There’s a good chance that your business isn’t taking advantage of all the tools that could improve the visibility of your business. For businesses in the modern age, there is a vast array of resources and tools that you can be using that will not only boost your sales, but also increase your online presence and make your brand more known. The trick is to know which of those resources are best suited to your business model and sector, but with a little research and some guidance on what to look for, you could be increasing your profit margins. The old adage of ‘time is money’ is as true now as it always has been. Nowadays there is no time to be spent invisible and unknown to your target market. Here are 3 ways to improve your business’s online visibility.


Before you spend money on improving your visibility, you need to determine how to spend your money, which areas are in need of improvement and whether there are ways to save money. While you may be chomping at the bit to try every digital marketing or traditional advertising method out there, you should be methodical in your approach. While bootstrapping may be a great way for start-ups to find finances, you need to ensure you have the correct financial backing before you possibly try a method of marketing that may not bring a ROI for your business.

Your Website

An alarming number of businesses still don’t have a website in 2018, and the majority of those businesses are focused locally. However, if you want to improve your chances of success in 2018, then your website is a priority, and there a number of reasons why.

Even if you’re not planning to trade online as an e-commerce store, or if your business model doesn’t allow for that, then you’re still going to benefit from having an online presence in the form of a dedicated website. If your business still doesn’t have a website, or your current site is looking tired and out of date, then it’s time to refresh, and even if you’ve never designed a website before, there are companies that can manage that task for you. Find a company like Data Design Systems that can collaborate with you and create a site that covers everything that you need. If you’re not entirely sure what you need, then the best professionals will be able to advise you, but here are your starting points:

  • Blog: You’re going to want a section of your website dedicated to blogging. This a vastly underappreciated resource that should be the key to your marketing. Having fresh content on your website gives you a number of benefits, but perhaps the most important one is that it gives you content to share to your social media platforms, which will drive potential customers to your site. A blog also gives you a chance to discuss the latest business trends in your sector, giving your professional standing as a business leader a much-needed outlet. With your blog, you can practice in search engine optimisation (SEO), improving your Google ranking and allowing your business’s presence to flourish. SEO can, and should, also be used for your on-site content such as product/service descriptions.
  • Analytics: There are a number of platforms that you can use when it comes to building your site, but one of the most important factors to take into consideration is that you have easy access to your data analytics. These can give you an incredible amount of information that you can use to understand your customers’ needs, and your analytics can tell you keys facts such as the time of day that you get the most visitors to your pages, their age, and what devices they use. This can be crucial information when it comes to devising your next marketing campaign, and can make a significant difference to the number of visitors that you attract to your site.

Become An Authority

To become better noticed, you need to get people to take note of you. Nowadays people have limited time and are less likely to read articles that lack substance. However, if you’re exceptionally knowledgeable in what it is that you do, then you should use this authority and knowledge to your advantage.

Becoming an authority figure isn’t difficult, however, it does take time. Writing blog posts, making videos and attending conferences to speak at won’t make you a known celebrity overnight, but as time goes on, and if you’ve been consistent, people will start to rely on your word and seek out your advice. The easiest way to spread your wise words is to take to the internet. Start a blog, whether it be conjoined to your business website or not, share your posts via social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) and be consistent. Write and publish on a weekly basis, or if you’re strapped for time, publish articles twice a month. If you’re worried about your writing capabilities, then by all means hire a professional copywriter for the job. Before you know it, you’ll have more views on your blog, and people will begin to trust your company, improving your online visibility.

These basic tools can be invaluable when it comes to improving your business’s online presence and visibility, and there is no end to the tools that are available. The hardest part is often prioritizing exactly what you need, and whether that’s a whole new website, better social media accounts, more PR, better content or becoming a louder voice in the digital world. Every business is going to be able to improve their online visibility, however, the competition will always be fierce. Think SEO, PPC campaigns, using your knowledge and reaching out to businesses who can help you in turn. To improve your online presence, you need to invest time and money; people aren’t going to know you overnight, but can become a household name in mere months if done correctly.


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