Technology has always been the driving force behind eCommerce, and the evolution of tech continues to move this sector forward. The evolution of what technology is capable of providing for both businesses and the consumers that use them is fast-moving. Keeping up to date on tech advances is essential in the fast-paced world of eCommerce, and no matter the size of your company or the sector that you trade in, these technologies can help your business to streamline operations and continue to grow. While many technologies have been around for a while, the way that they have improved means that they shouldn’t be dismissed. With a combination of reliable tech solutions and new advances, your eCommerce business could soon be operating at an entirely new level.

Artificially Intelligent chatbots

You may be under the impression that artificial intelligence is the sole preserve of sci-fi films and books, but AI is becoming a presence in almost every area of our lives. From automated assistants on your smartphone to using ever-popular apps such as Uber, AI is much more prevalent than most people seem to realize. Even your eCommerce business can make use of AI in the form of chatbots. These are easy to install on most eCommerce platforms, and they can have a significant effect on your trading ability. From automated upselling programs that bundle relevant products together, to allowing 24/7 customer interaction, AI could transform your accessibility.

Best software solutions

The number of software options for your eCommerce business can be overwhelming to assess, but there are some obvious options that you should take a closer look at. If we look at a typical example of a larger organization running SAP ERP, they may be utilizing product suites that are aligned to SAP ERP such as those available from Such products would empower the workforce and bring a consistent real time experience to the customer. With the ability to add a whole new level of personalization, SAP ERP software is one of the most essential elements for larger organizations offering eCommerce to adopt. The unrivalled features in SAP ERP can even be tailored to your specific industry, so no matter what your eCommerce business trades in, products running on SAP ERP will transform your business.

One-Click Checkout

It used to be that the option for one-click checkout was only available on Amazon platforms, but ever since the patent expired, every eCommerce business is now able to take advantage. In the digital age, consumers want instant gratification more than ever before, and even delays in the buying process can be enough to cause shopping cart abandonment and increase your bounce rate. Installing one-click purchases is the most obvious way to streamline the purchasing pathway, and when consumers expect immediacy, it’s only the most redundant eCommerce business that will fail to adopt this essential technology.

Technology can help you to reach new customers and make more sales, and even help you to forge strong relationships with the people that use your business. It can be challenging to make changes to your own business processes, but by adopting the right tech tools, you give yourself a business edge that can keep you leaps and bounds ahead of your competitors.


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