As you’re probably aware PDF is a document format that has numerous advantages. It is extremely popular because of its capabilities, chiefly the fact that PDF documents can be viewed on any device and platform and the layout and formatting will be preserved.

That is far from the only advantage of PDF documents however, and there are many others. If you want to start to truly capitalize on the benefits of using PDF documents, there are a few helpful tips that you should use:

Weigh compatibility against compression

One of the other main benefits of PDF is its ability to compress documents into relatively small file sizes, especially compared to other similar formats. In particular newer versions of PDF are able to compress their contents far more effectively.

However when you are deciding on the version of PDF format that you want to use, you need to weigh that compression against compatibility. Content created in a new PDF version can be viewed on older PDF readers, but some types of elements may not be visible.

That being said the widespread availability of PDF readers means that this is only a concern in very specific cases.

Convert image PDFs to text-based PDFs

Some PDFs are created by scanning documents, and are essentially a series of images. Nowadays however you can use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tools to convert these image PDFs to text-based PDFs instead. Keep in mind the results of OCR tools aren’t perfect, so you’ll need to review and correct any mistakes that are made.

Once converted, text-based PDFs will be significantly smaller than their image counterparts, allowing you to conserve more space. On top of that you can ‘search’ the contents of text-based PDFs in PDF readers and it supports text-wrapping, whereas with image PDFs both would not be possible.

It is worth noting that text-based PDFs are better in terms of SEO as well, assuming you intend to publish them on a website.

Make use of bookmarks

While you will want to take advantage of all the different tags that are available in PDF documents, bookmarks are particularly noteworthy. By setting up bookmarks you can create a list of areas of the document and make it easier to peruse it quickly – especially in the case of longer documents.

Additionally bookmarks in PDF documents can be used to link to other elements as well, such as audio files, videos, hyperlinks, or even pages in other documents. In short you’ll have a lot of different ways in which you can take advantage of this one feature.

If you’re going to be using PDFs regularly you may want to find a PDF editor to help manage them. It doesn’t need to be anything too complicated, but having a tool to help you alter your PDFs as and when you require will come in handy, and for an example you could take a look at Movavi PDF Editor.

As you can see as a format PDF has a lot of advantages, and the tips listed above are really just the tip of the iceberg. If you explore its capabilities, you’ll find that it has numerous features and options that you may want to utilize in order to create more interactive or secure documents.


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