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Collection of ‘Must Have Outdoor Cooking Gadgets’ from all over the world for your outdoor cooking needs.

Biolite Kettlepot: The Biolite Kettlepot serves all your backcountry cooking needs with a single device. It weighs 465 grams, can serve 2 – 4 people, has a max fill capacity of 1.5 liters, and is made with ultra-thin stainless steel. It also double as a storage space for Biolite CampStove that uses the thermoelectric generator to recharge your smartphone, camera, GPS or any other USB-connected device while you cook your food.

Gosun Stove Solar Cooker: This awesome solar cooker cooks food in 20 minutes with temperatures reaching 550°F (290°C). It can be arranged in seconds, weighs less than 4lbs, it can be used for baking, boiling and frying.

CanCooker: The CanCooker uses steam to cook your meals; it needs a source of heat that can be portable grills, stoves, bonfires and stovetops or anything else. This steamer can cook food for up to twenty people at a time. Stoneven: The mini pebbles can be used collectively to cook in outdoor camps and these portable pebbles can also be set to lower temperatures and used as body warmers.BioLite BaseCamp Stove: The BioLite BaseCamp uses branches or small pieces of firewood to work. It transforms heat into useable electricity via a thermoelectric generator. It provides 5W of electricity via a standard USB port. You can cook your meals and recharge devices all at the same time.

Wrapstove: Wrapstove is portable and takes very little space in your bag; it’s a flexible device that wraps around cookware to heat them. The tiny magnets in the sleeve cling to the cooking vessel, while you can set the temperature via touchscreen.

Camp Chef Everest Stove: Its small, lightweight, comes to life with the push of a button, and packs a lot of power under the hood.Foldable Solar Cooker: This solar cooker is foldable and lightweight; its perfect for those who want to pack light. Flash Cooking System: The Jetboil Flash Cooking System is a compact unit that lights with the click of a button and in just over 2 minutes provides two cups of boiling water for cocoa, coffee, instant soup or a gourmet freeze-dried meal.Flapot: The Flapot is camping cookware that features a simple and flexible design which makes it perfect for camping. Multi Fuel Camping Stove: The Multi fuel camping stove is portable to be transported in a backpack. The concept is versatile enough to be used either for short camps via a small gas canister, or for a longer term by using a larger canister.Biolite Stove: Biolite portable stove cooks using the twigs you collect on your journey and it transforms heat into usable electricity; and it comes with a USB port for recharging your smartphone and other gadget.

Modstove: It’s a portable, modular, multi-fuel stove that’s perfect for outdoor cooking. You can customize it, setup it quickly and it is made of stainless steel.

Trotter Cooker: This solar cooker is light and ultra-portable, assembles in 2 minutes and folds up into a bag. Allows 15-20 minutes’ pre-heating time and it reheats your recipes and cooks simple ingredients. Its temperature can reach up to 120°C and it can cook for 2-3 people. Solo Stove: This super efficient camp stove is made using a one piece construction process, and can cook a meal for your family and friends with a handful of sticks you collect on your journey.

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