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Collection of ‘Must Have Monitoring Gadgets for You’ from all over the world.

GPS-Enabled Bike Bell: The bell connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth Low Energy and when you move it away from the parked bike, the Bluetooth connection to your bike is broken and it automatically drops a pin on the map. Using the GPS you can locate your bike and remotely make it ring to locate it easily.

Blip GPS Collar: Blip Collar uses low profile GPS technology and consumer dog tracking systems, it allows you to track your dog any moment by logging into your account and using live tracking. It also features tiny solar panels that allow it to recharge itself.

Misfit Beddit Sleep Monitor: The Beddit is flat, and can be placed under the bed sheet; it measures sleep cycles and quality of it by measuring various other factors.Zeo Sleep Manager Pro: The Zeo headband tracks your sleep patterns and sends data to your smartphone app. Lumo Lift: This activity tracker allows you to improve your posture and alerts whenever you start to slouch.StickNFind: These are Bluetooth stickers that lets you tag and find your things with a smartphone. Just stick them on your keys, remote, iPod, smartphone, laptop, backpack, wallet, purse and more. These stickers come with a buzzer and light so that you can find your things even in the dark.

Bikespike: This bike GPS tracker allows you to monitor your bike’s location on a map using your iOS and Android smart phone or notebook. You can digitally “lock” your bike and receive a notification in event of someone moving it from the geofenced location. It allows you to share your data (distance, speed, and courses…) with friends, family and coaches.

HAPIfork: Its a smart electronic fork that monitors your eating habits.

Plant Link: The system monitors the water requirements of your lawn, garden, or house plants; Plant Link alerts you when they need to be watered and can even water them for you.Withings Smart Baby Monitor: The Withings Smart Baby Monitor lets you monitor your little one from anywhere using an app on your iOS or Android device. It features a 3-megapixel-camera with 4x zoom, 2 microphones and more. You can watch the baby day or night in high resolution; it monitors and lets you know about noises, temperature, and humidity; you can even speak, play lullabies, and when the ambient light decreases, the night mode automatically comes on.Wi-Fi Wireless Video Monitoring Camera: This monitoring camera is bandwidth friendly, and it doesn’t constantly use Internet bandwidth and streams when you need it to.Petchatz: Petchatz allows you to connect with your dog from anywhere using your smartphone. It allows you to see it (they can see you on the video monitor), hear, speak to, and provide tasty treats and soothing scent.

Doorbot WiFi Doorbell Camera: Its a Wi-Fi video doorbell that connects to your smartphones and allows you to see who is at your door from anywhere in the world.

Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Gadget: The Koubachi monitors water levels, soil consistency, humidity, temperature and light, and uses Wi-Fi to keep you informed. The app includes a plant encyclopedia of indoor plants that provides complete and in-depth information about your plant.Wi-Fi Bicycle Lock: This bicycle lock concept comes with an Eye-Fi card, that sends a message to your smartphone wirelessly if anyone else tries to unlock it.Other Posts:
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