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Collection of ‘Must Have Camping Gadgets for Tech Savvy’ from all over the world.

Biolite Kettlepot: The Biolite Kettlepot serves all your backcountry cooking needs with a single device. It weighs 465 grams, can serve 2 – 4 people, has a max fill capacity of 1.5 liters, and is made with ultra-thin stainless steel. It also double as a storage space for Biolite CampStove that uses the thermoelectric generator to recharge your smartphone, camera, GPS or any other USB-connected device while you cook your food.

Victorinox Expedition Kit: This multi-tool kit comes with more than 40 functions including an altimeter, barometer, temperature meter, light, compass and magnifying lens.

Looxcie 3 Lifestreaming HD Video Camera: The Looxcie 3 is a compact design video camera that records, streams, and shares simultaneously. This wearable device can be fixed to your backpack, t-shirt, or anywhere you want; it features built-in Wi-Fi and connects to your smartphone wirelessly. You can use your smartphone as your viewfinder, and as remote control to record, or “live” stream your broadcast to a selected audience over mobile networks and even on Facebook.WiFiBoostGo: This device is capable of boosting your smartphone’s signal range up to 600% and also extends the range of weak wireless routers. It also double as a portable power-bank for your smartphone and extends the storage capacity.

Titanium Utility Ring: This titanium utility ring is made from individual titanium plates held together with brass rivets. It cleverly hides a comb, bottle opener, blades and even a saw.

ToolLogic Firesteel Knife: This 3″ stainless razor sharp blade includes a premium magnesium alloy firestarter that is capable of producing 5,500°F sparks.Iridium GO: Iridium GO gives you satellite-based Internet access anywhere; you can connect up to 5 devices within a 100-foot radius.Heated Jacket: The 13 Hour Heated Jacket features three temperature settings; it provides warmth for up to 13 hours of continuous heat on the lowest level, and to four hours on the highest.Minipresso: Minipresso from Wacaco is a compact, portable and handpowered espresso machine.

NDuR Survival Straw:The NDuR Survival Straw allows you to drink directly from any fresh water source.

Pocket Shower: This cool tiny gizmo unfolds to show a high performance waterproof reservoir that holds ten liters of water. And the black fabric will (given a sunny day) warm the water up in no time.

Must Have Camping Gadgets for Tech Savvy (15) 11JAQrecharger: It is an off-grid recharger that uses water and salt to recharge your smartphone. Electricity is self -generated when a fresh power card (which contains water and salt) is inserted into the recharger and provides 2400 mAh to enable a full smart phone recharge. The power card is slim (take along multiple cards for long tours), single use and provides instant, smart, clean portable recharging. It recharges most smartphones and all USB-compatible devices.

VSSL Flasklight: The VSSL Flasklight is a stainless steel flashlight that can also hold your beverage. It features a flashlight that can provide over 20 hours of lighting in ‘Bright’ mode, two compact stainless steel travel cups featuring a telescopic, leakproof design that folds flat for easy storage, bottle opener and removable oil-filled compass.

Nite Ize Reflective Rope: These ropes come with a special reflective material woven right into the line that reflects light back at you.

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