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Collection of ‘Best Tech Grilling Gadgets’ from all over the world to make your grilling more fun and enjoyable.

Spinarri AutoSkewers: These motorized skewers are designed so that you don’t need to attend for rotation, these automatically and constantly rotate the multiple skewers over your existing grill. Available as model 543 and 975; the S-543, aptly named 543 for its ability to equally space 5, 4 or 3 Autoskewers while S-975 can equally space 9, 7 or 5 Autoskewers. These are crafted from premium grade 304 stainless steel and their handcrafted wooden handles are sourced from Northern Maine. These can be used with charcoal and gasgrills.

The 360 Grill-Fryer: It combines a deep fryer, grill, griddle, and heating plate into a single circular gas-powered unit.

SmartGrill: The SmartGrill by Lynx is an intelligent grill that automatically cooks food based on your preference. The grill connects to an online database to determine the optimal grilling time and technique. It also lets you know where to place each item to get the best result. Its learning module updates recipes based on your input and allows it to remember the personal tastes and customize the doneness to your personal preference. You can use your smart device or voice commands to grill the perfect meal. It incorporates mobile connectivity, voice recognition, online notification and easy to use interface to bring best grilling to you. It sends notifications via audio, visual alerts, and text to mobile platforms. Its iOS/Android app has hundreds of recipes for you to choose from.

Gaswatch: The smart Gaswatch is a propane tank scale with a level indicator that connects to your phone via Bluetooth. This smartphone compatible device lets you know how much propane is left in your tank so that you never unexpectedly run out of propane while grilling again. Its app is iOS and Android compatible.

Looftlighter BBQ Starter: The Looftlighter solves the whole hassle of starting up a charcoal grill.

Mesa: Mesa is an all-in-one cooking platform that brings the chef back to the table, and lets the whole family participate in crafting a well-balanced meal. This indoor grill station features a primary griddle that can be used for general-purpose heating, along with a second customizable cooking surface that accommodates a variety of dishes. Qbox: Qbox is a smart Wi-Fi connected barbecuesmoker that lets you monitor and control it from anywhere using your smartphone. Using its app you can remotely monitor your food’s progress; it alerts you and keeps your food warm until you get home.

Range: Range allows you to cook better with precise temperature readings and makes the perfect meal.

Grillbot: Just place this grill-cleaning robot on your grill and press a button and you’re done. Its three powerful motors and three brushes provide reliable and thorough cleaning. You can set it on light clean or deep clean, and it signals when cleaning is complete.Refuel Smart Propane Monitor: The Refuel, Quirky’s smart propane tank gauge connects to your smartphone using the Wink app and keeps you updated with propane levels and lets you know when its time to refuel. All you need to do is place your grill in range of a Wi-Fi network, and it allows you to monitor your propane supply. If there is no Wi-Fi or smartphone, just tap the Refuel and it displays light reading of the propane level and the green light means go.

Digital BBQ Tongs: These tongs comes with a built-in display, and the tip measures the internal temperature of the meat and beeps when it is cooked.

Best Tech Grilling Gadgets (15) 11GrilLit Automatic Grill Light: The GrilLit attaches to the holder of most grills and provides instant illumination to the cooking area. It lights up when the grill cover is open and turns off when the cover is closed.

iDevices iGrill Mini: The iGrill Mini is a Bluetooth smart grilling temperature meter that lets you know when your food is ready from your smartphone.

Grilling Tool Light: Its powerful magnet makes it easily hold to your metal tools and its three lights makes it perfect for night grilling. Smart Temperature Meter: This smart temperature meter is Wi-Fi enabled, connects to your smart devices via its app and takes the guesswork out of a perfectly cooked meal. It alerts you for a variety of tasks based on the remaining cooking time of the main dish. Can precisely gauge temperatures from 32 °F to 750°F (0 °C to 380 °C).Other Posts:
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