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Collection of ‘Best Tech Gadgets for Parents’ form all over the world.

TempTraq: TempTraq is a wearable and intelligent temperature meter that wirelessly sends real-time temperature updates on your smartphone for 24 hours. It continuously monitors, records, and sends alerts of a child’s temperature to your mobile device upto 40 feet.

Paxie Band: The Paxie Band works along with its app and lets you track location, surrounding temperature, fitness and more of your kid. It also alerts you if the kid goes out of the preset boundary and if the band is removed.

MiiPC: MiiPC is a next generation Android PC for your family that comes with a companion parental control mobile app.

Kidlid: Kidlid is a simple and innovative solution designed to protect the keyboard when kids use your laptop.

Foscam FosBaby P1: The Foscam FosBaby P1 lets you monitor your baby using a smartphone even in the dark. Provides you with smart alerts like temperature, humidity, and sound change. Features a two way talk, play soothing lullabies, night lamp, video recording and more.

Watch Over Me Dream Station: The Watch Over Me Dream Station uses 5 phases of light and sound to create its Smart Sleep Program. To calm baby down and prepare them for sleep the paddles begin to sway, gentle music is played and softlight is projected. Its capable of detecting less activity by the sleepy baby, lights and music made softer to ease your baby into sleep.Lully: The Lully system will lull a child to sleep by creating gentle buzz from under the mattress.

ZoLi Buzz B Nail Trimmer: The ZoLi nail trimmer safely trims nails with oscillating action. It comes cushioned; specially designed for baby’s nails so it won’t affect the surrounding skin.

Brica Day and Nightlight Musical Car Mirror: This musical mirror keeps you and your baby connected. Its remote control lets you check on your sleeping baby, turn on a comforting nightlight, or choose from five soothing melodies.BabyGlgl: BabyGlgl is a smart baby bottle that comes with light and sound alert to let you know if bottle’s angle needs adjustment to reduce air bubble intake. It connects with your smart phone, and its app tracks how much and how fast the baby is drinking.

HereO GPS Kid Watch: The HereO GPS Kid Watch comes with WiFi, a built-in SIM card and built-in USB connector, lets you keep track of your kids using its app on your smartphone anywhere.

Junior Adaptive Carriersystem: It is an innovative modular babycarrier and equipment storing travel system designed for parents with an active lifestyle.

Smart Baby Clip: The Smart Baby Clip attaches to the kid’s car seat belt strap and when ignition is turned off, the device alerts you that the kid remains in the back seat of the vehicle.

Piggyback Rider: The Piggyback Rider is a compact, lightweight standing kidcarrier backpack that is comfortable for you and your kid.

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