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You may be surprised and even think that we are going off track, but trust us if you have ever handled an onion or for that matter chopped an onion you will definitely appreciate these gadgets that are simple yet efficient in reducing the discomfort and makes handling onions easy.

Onion Goggles: This cool gadget is best while chopping onions.

Essential Gadgets for Cutting Onions (12) 1Rouncer: This patented 5 seconds Onion Dicer and Slicer Cutter allows you to chop up onions without even having the need to peel them first.

Onion Holder: With this tool you’ll be able to create straight, even slices from one end of the onion to the other.

Essential Gadgets for Cutting Onions (12) 3Herbs Scissors: The unusual blade design features a set of five sharp blades that mince fresh herbs quickly and easily.

Essential Gadgets for Cutting Onions (12) 4Vegetable Chopper: This cool gadget easily chops onions, vegetable, nuts and herbs; just press the top and the blades rotate for even chopping.

Essential Gadgets for Cutting Onions (12) 5Onion Blossom Cutter: This cool tool transforms an onion into a blooming flower in one press.

Finger Guard: Stainless steel shield that protects fingers while slicing and dicing.

Essential Gadgets for Cutting Onions (12) 7Chef’n Veggi Vegetable Chopper: Simply pull the ring holder to activate this handpowered food processor. It preps everything from onions and garlic to baby food, fruits and nuts.

Essential Gadgets for Cutting Onions (12) 8Onion Peeler: This Chef’n Peel’n Onion Peeler lets you peel onions with ease while keeping hands and fingernails odorfree.

Quirkyglide: It’s a clip-on attachment that clips discreetly onto your knife, moving effortlessly up and down the blade to clean it.Fridge Leftover Saver: Styled like a little knitted wintercap, it keeps leftover onions, lemons, doughnuts, or whatever you can’t finish inside it while keeping the flavor intact. Progressive onion chopper: The Progressive onion chopper dices onions in one swift move.Other Posts:
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