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Here we have a collection of ‘Fun and Coolest Kitchen Gadgets’ from all over the world for you, so what’s your choice?

Lettuce Chopper: This cool karate chopper gives your lettuce a swift slice and prepares fresh salad is seconds.

Fun and Coolest Kitchen Gadgets (100) 1Bubble Scrubber: A cool and useful brush that may even inspire the kids to do the dishes.

Fun and Coolest Kitchen Gadgets (100) 2Scratch My Back Graters: The scratch my back are hedgehog shaped graters, that brings both fun and function together.

Fun and Coolest Kitchen Gadgets (100) 3Guitar Spatula: Now cook breakfast in style without any stickiness using this cool non-stick flipper guitar spatula.

Fun and Coolest Kitchen Gadgets (100) 4Butterfly Can Openers: These colorful can openers set a new standard with its fresh design.

Fun and Coolest Kitchen Gadgets (100) 5Starwars Vehicles Cookies Cutters: It features starships plus the Empire’s legendary Star station.

Fun and Coolest Kitchen Gadgets (100) 6Kiwi Scoop: Its more than just a scoop; the tip is designed for scoring the skin, with a quick counterclockwise twist you have the fruit in two halves and its ready to eat with its very own unique scooper.

Fun and Coolest Kitchen Gadgets (100) 7Koziol Pi:p with Tree: Its an attention-getter on any buffet; best suited for fingerfood, and everything else that’s need to be picked up.

Scooter Pizza Cutter: It’s a dual-blade pizza cutter that comes in the shape of a retro scooter.Karoto Sharpener and Peeler: This kitchen tool allows you to peel, sharpen and curl thin ribbons of carrot, zucchini and cucumber vegetables to decorate your salads and dishes. Splash Chopping Board: The Splash Chopping Board is cleverly designed to make it stable against the edge of the kitchen counterop; while the vertical dripping can be removed to make a completely flat worktop saver. Alli-Grater: Open up his jaws to get to the sharp teeth of the grater and fold backwards to create a steady kind grip.

Fun and Coolest Kitchen Gadgets (100) 12Koziol Orange Peeler: This transparent orange little beaver with his strong tooth can peel them off easily and his tail can be used for eating oranges.

Banana Opener: Its a banana peeler, yes you got it right; this tool is specially designed for kids.

Fun and Coolest Kitchen Gadgets (100) 14Salty Pixels Salt and Pepper Shaker:

Fun and Coolest Kitchen Gadgets (100) 15Dog Knife: Specially designed for kids, it looks like a dog while its ears act as handguards.

Fun and Coolest Kitchen Gadgets (100) 16Row Boat Salad Bowl: This aluminum bowl comes in the shape of a rowboat, complete with “wooden” planks; boats oars are a pair of servingtools, carved from sheesham, a variety of rosewood.

Citrus Spray: Designed by Belgian company Lékué; it is an attachment for citrus fruits so their juice can be sprayed onto. Pizza Cutter Scissors: This pizza cutter makes slicing and serving really easy; its a combination of a spatula and a pair of scissors.

Fun and Coolest Kitchen Gadgets (100) 19Butterfly Trivet: This cool trivet comes in the shape of butterflies.

Shape Changer: Grow your fruit or vegetables in the shape of a star.Moo Moo Bowl: This breakfast cereal serving bowl is an uddershaped breakfast bowl; it features little udders for legs and a cow print design on the inside. It’s made of ceramic and measures 13.5 x 13.5 x 8cm.Splash Bottle Stopper: The Splash Bottle Stopper keeps your beverage from spilling; its designed to look like the beverage is splashing up from the bottle while it securely holds the content within the bottle.Monkey Peeler: This orange monkey shaped vegetable peeler would look good in any kitchen.

Fun and Coolest Kitchen Gadgets (100) 24PSSHH! Bottle Opener: A cool bottle opener that gives you a visual of the sound you hear when you open bottles of a refreshing drink.

Fun and Coolest Kitchen Gadgets (100) 25Kitchen Bull: A smart combination of a knife block, bookshelf and a cheese board.

Fun and Coolest Kitchen Gadgets (100) 26Dropp – Fruit Bowl by Menu: The unusual shape of this bowl takes its inspiration from the image of a splash of paint frozen in time.

Fun and Coolest Kitchen Gadgets (100) 27Spaghetti Measuring Device: A cool spaghetti measuring tool; it has measuring holes for kids, grownups and dinner portions.

Fun and Coolest Kitchen Gadgets (100) 28Chicken Sub Oven Glove: This looks incredibly realistic to a chicken sub sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and olives on honey oat bread. These cool gloves come wrapped in paper; and are tied up in a sandwich bag.

Fun and Coolest Kitchen Gadgets (100) 29Cherry Pitter: Just place a cherry in his mouth and push down on his head, the plunger pushes the pit and juice down into a container below, leaving behind the pure fruit that can be used in desserts, salads and more.

Fun and Coolest Kitchen Gadgets (100) 30Sharp Act Knife Sharpener: A cool replacement for your regular knife sharpener.

Fun and Coolest Kitchen Gadgets (100) 31Guitar Shaped Measurements: These cute measurements are based on traditional Russian folk art. Accurately measures from 1/4 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon.

Fun and Coolest Kitchen Gadgets (100) 32Banana Band: These Alessi spices containers comes with magnets attached on the bottom; can be easily opened and filled with salt, various types of pepper, spices, and more.

Fingerpickers: Just slip on one of these and you’re ready for hors d’oeuvres even with a plate in one hand and glass in the other.Ball Pepper Mill: The curved handles of this pepper mill extend upwards for easy use.

Fun and Coolest Kitchen Gadgets (100) 35Dino Corn Cob Holders: These dino corncob holders are the creation of product designer L Filippone.

Cupmen: A useful tool that keeps the cover closed while the noodles are heating up and as the temperature rises it changes color to white, letting you know three minutes have elapsed.

Fun and Coolest Kitchen Gadgets (100) 37Guitar Cheese Grater: Now shred cheddar like a real star with this cool cheese grater.

Fun and Coolest Kitchen Gadgets (100) 38Puzzle Cookie Cutters: Make your own edible jigsaw puzzle with this cool cookie cutter.

Fun and Coolest Kitchen Gadgets (100) 39‘Teo’ Teastrainer:

Fun and Coolest Kitchen Gadgets (100) 40Snack Markers: These colorful party skewers go great with snacks.

Toast Bread Stamper: Just press this little gadget into a piece of bread before toasting and the resulting toast will have a tictactoe grid.Eat Me Cookie Stamp:Fishtail BBQ Basket: Sing-A-Long Tongs:

Fun and Coolest Kitchen Gadgets (100) 45Carrot Whisk: Why use a regular whisk to blend ingredients smooth when you can have a carrot whisk!

Diva Washing Up Sponge:Knife Sharpener: This Shark Jaw knife sharpener is both functional and fun.Shark Oven Mitt: Cool oven mitt designed for those who still want to have fun in the kitchen.

Fun and Coolest Kitchen Gadgets (100) 49Herbs Scissors: The unusual blade design features a set of five sharp blades that mince fresh herbs quickly and easily.

Fun and Coolest Kitchen Gadgets (100) 50Kitchen Tool: This comes from Germany-based studio dreimann.

Small Talk Snack Dish: The elevated placement of the platters gives an excellent thumb grip or the same can be used to hold a glass. Veggie Twister: This cool kitchen gadget turns veggies into endless spiral veggies.Bunny Sandwich Cutters: These cool cutters come in the shape of bear, flower and rabbit and also imprint the animal image onto sandwiches.

Fun and Coolest Kitchen Gadgets (100) 54Pumpkin Knife: The blade easily slices through firm pumpkins, gourds, or squashes; it comes with perforations in the blade and a nonstick coating that allows smooth-gliding slicing action and perfect release.

Fun and Coolest Kitchen Gadgets (100) 55Fryingpans: These unusual shaped frypans would make a good addition to a modern kitchen.

Fun and Coolest Kitchen Gadgets (100) 56Salad Bunny:

Fun and Coolest Kitchen Gadgets (100) 57Blink Ketchup and Mustard Squeeze Bottles: The eyes on these bottles blink when you turn the bottle upside down.

Plastic Cups with Covers: These plastic cups with covers come with “smiling” in the typical cover design. Guitar Skillet:Funny Faces Frypans:Banana Timer: Designed by Stefano Giovannoni for Alessi, it comes with 60-minute clockwork mechanism.Idle Hands Salad Servers: Idle Hands Salad Server resembles a person’s hands and are the veggie’s tools.Watermelon Shark Fruit Server: The cool fruit server is designed in the shape of a shark’s mouth while painted as watermelon.Springerle Rollingpin: This cool composite wood pin shapes nine different 1½” x 2″ cookies at a go.Gravy Boat:Milky Moo Milk Head: This cow inspired tool is a bottle top and pourer for your plastic milk bottles. This can be fixed on most standard 1/2 pint, pint and gallon plastic milk cartons.

Fun and Coolest Kitchen Gadgets (100) 67Batterfinger: Cool spatula for making cakes and cookies.

Fun and Coolest Kitchen Gadgets (100) 68Puzzle Sandwich Cutter: Make interlocking puzzle sandwiches pieces that your kids will like to eat.

Fun and Coolest Kitchen Gadgets (100) 69Salad Servers: This salad server is sure to bring smiles to your dinner table; you can make them stand upright or stick them head first into your salad.

Fun and Coolest Kitchen Gadgets (100) 70Topography Bowl: With this topography bowl, create a miniature landscape with an edible lake or a forest of leafy greens at the dining table.

Fun and Coolest Kitchen Gadgets (100) 71Calf and Half Creamer: This pitcher gently reminds us where our cream really comes from!

Fun and Coolest Kitchen Gadgets (100) 72Home Sushi Train: The sushi train is a replica of Japan’s famous and fast N700 series Shinkansen.

Hermann Kitchen Spatula:Toothpiks: Fryingpans with Swordhandle: Creative fryingpans designed by J Brown.Rocket Flexible Spatula: This Rocket Flexible spatula is a great way to get your kids more interested in cooking.Colander by Muka Design: Spout Funnel: The spout funnel designed by Japanese designer Atsuhiro Hayashi seems to take its inspiration from splash of water. It also doubles as a drain stand after washing the bottle.Multi-Purpose Kitchen Rock: The Multi-Purpose Kitchen Tool can be used to crush garlic, tenderize meat, sharpen knives and more.Sandwich Sponge: This cleaning sponge comes in two triangle shaped pieces.Tea Submarine: Cool tea submarine submerges tea leaves to the bottom of your cup, creating a perfect brew.

Fun and Coolest Kitchen Gadgets (100) 82 Camera Cookie Cutter Set: Make cookies shaped like cameras; the set includes 3 camera designs: SLR, Rangefinder and TLR.

Mini Panda Frypan: A cool frypan that makes a great addition to any kitchen. Dog Potholder:

Fun and Coolest Kitchen Gadgets (100) 85Tassenutensilolilli: Its sits on the top of your cup; its for you to decide whether teabags or biscuits goes in it.

Tictactoe Trivet: This cool tictactoe trivet features a castiron grid with X’s and O’s to hold your cookware and to keep your countertop safe.Drinktray: This tray by designer comes with five holes that you insert your fingers for better grip.Cucumbo Spiral Slicer: This spiral slicer will be a cool addition to your kitchen and fun to your salads.Munchstaches Cookie Cutter: These cool cookie cutters and stampers are shaped like mustaches.Zesch Interlocking Coasters/Trivet: Made from bamboo, these Zesch coasters interlock in a hexagonal pattern, and can be used individually or joined together as trivets for larger objects.Cruet Set: Ajorí, the cruet set features six elegant containers that gather around a wooden stem, making it resemble an oversized but gorgeous bulb of garlic.Cow Corn Holders: The set consist of 8 pieces that makes four cows, it puts fun into eating corn off the cob.Drum Salt and Pepper Shakers:

Fun and Coolest Kitchen Gadgets (100) 94Shark Pizza Cutter:

Fun and Coolest Kitchen Gadgets (100) 95Lekue Lemon Squeezer: All you need to do is just cut your lemon in half, place the half into the squeezer and squeeze.

Fun and Coolest Kitchen Gadgets (100) 96Koziol – Salt & Pepper Shakers:

Fun and Coolest Kitchen Gadgets (100) 97Decorative Mini Pancake Moulds: Make pancakes in interesting shapes with these moulds.

Fun and Coolest Kitchen Gadgets (100) 98 Transportation Sandwich Cutters: This set comes with 4 transportation shapes: car, airplane, truck with cargo and train with caboose.

Fun and Coolest Kitchen Gadgets (100) 99Blinking Salt and Pepper Shakers: Max and Moritz salt and pepper shakers have blinking eyes; eyes are open when facing up and close when turned over.

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