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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

More than 1,000 Android ‘apps’ collected data from users even though they were denied...

Device privacy is an issue facing large enterprises and users. And even more so when data comes about another theft of user's private information Researchers at the International Institute of...

Google will launch its own ‘WhatsApp’ again. How long will it take to close...

Google announced the launch of a new instant messaging service with which it wants to compete with platforms such as WhatsApp or Telegram, which add up to billions of...

Genius hunts down Google by ‘stealing’ song lyrics thanks to an old trick

The controversy between Genius and Google is back. As it did in 2017, the online platform where you can find and annotate the lyrics of thousands of songs, again...

Automatic synchronization of Google Drive and Photos will disappear in July

Drive will automatically stop synchronizing with Photos from July. As announced by Google, new videos or photos saved on Drive will not be automatically displayed on Google Photos, and...

A bug in Chromecast causes devices to disappear from the Google Home app

Although Google devices are not prone to errors, there is always a first time for everything. A bug in Chromecast causes the devices to disappear from the Google Home application....

Google announces that Android mobiles sold from China came infected to market

Google's cybersecurity team has been tracking a malware in Android devices, known as Triada, which mutated from being a harmless Trojan to infecting the production chain of some models...

What caused Google and YouTube to fall worldwide?

Millions of personal and commercial accounts of YouTube, Gmail, Snapchat and other Google services suffered problems this Sunday after they stopped working in various parts of North America and...

Google Play may be still used on Huawei devices

Google, the technological giant on which android operating systems depend and which has announced its rupture with Huawei, announces that users will be able to continue using the Google...

Developers can now force you to update their Android applications

Developers, to keep their mobile applications useful along the years, use updates that gradually improve its performance or with which they change the appearance or icons. Until now we could...

Google will allow to delete activity and location data

We may delete soon activity and location data on Google. The company has announced on its blog the introduction of self-eliminating controls of the user's activity history or location...
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Fortnite The Agency

New season of Fortnite: the Midas event and the Final Judgement

The long season 2 of Fortnite Chapter 2 will soon be over. After a considerable delay in the start of Season 3 which was...

Krita, the famous image editor, now has an Android and Chrome OS version

Krita is a great free and open source graphics editor, one of the best image editors in existence, among the best alternatives to Photoshop). The...

One of the world’s most data-stealing hackers is finally arrested

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has just announced the arrest of a hacker popularly known on the Internet under the pseudonym "Sanix". Early...
Computer virus

What if you have a virus on your computer? These videos show you

More than 10 years ago, a citizen named Daniel White showed a video to publicize the effects of a virus on Windows 9x. The...
Telegram for business

Five reasons to use Telegram as a work tool

Telegram iis a more complete application than Whatsapp and it gives many more options. Many companies may be thinking of making use of this...
Laser beam

The US Navy already has a working anti-drone laser cannon

The U.S. Navy successfully tested a laser weapon system that destroyed in mid-flight an unmanned aerial vehicle hit by a beam launched from the...

Netflix will cancel accounts that are not used for a year, even if they...

Netflix will contact its users to let them know that it will cancel their account on the service if they are not using it...

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