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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Why Google has closed its Artificial Intelligence Ethics Committee?

It all began last Tuesday, when Google announced the creation of an Artificial Intelligence Ethics Committee to try to alleviate the controversial accusations of bias that the organization has...

Google’s new (and desperate) attempt to be “social”

Google+ was not a success, to be kind, but of course it was Google's purest attempt to compete with the social networks that dominate the market and, in particular,...

Google offers a million-dollar reward for finding a bug in Android

Since 2015, Google rewards those people outside its company and are able to detect any vulnerability in Android. Thus, through its Android Security Rewards (ASR) program, the company has...
Huawei mate30pro

Huawei will not be able to sell mobiles with Google for another year

It's been a year since Huawei was vetoed by the Trump administration from doing business with U.S. companies, a veto that we will all remember as the ban on...

Alert: New Samba Android client could put your device at risk

This week has circulated the information of the appearance of a new application for the Google mobile platform that allowed access to the files of our PC remotely through...
Google Drive share

Now it’s easier to share documents from Google Drive

While Google Drive already has a practical dynamic for sharing and managing the permissions we give to other users, it is now simplified even further by saving us a...

Exchanging files between Android and Windows, the best ways

Exchange files between an Android smartphone and the computer is a regular task, usually with Windows as the computer's operating system. This is a common process that can be...

Automatic synchronization of Google Drive and Photos will disappear in July

Drive will automatically stop synchronizing with Photos from July. As announced by Google, new videos or photos saved on Drive will not be automatically displayed on Google Photos, and...

Fix Android 5.1.1 Battery Drain Issues – Android Tips

View the article's original source Author: Shaikh Rafia Android 5.1.1 Lollipop has just been with us for a few weeks and interwebs are already full of battery drain complaints. Battery issues...

Google closes its social network, Google+

They knew the security breach since last spring, but they chose silence. They tried unsuccessfully to compete with Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. The closing will be gradual and...
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Devices storage sync

6 benefits of syncing your devices

The digital landscape is changing and evolving at a rapid pace. With an ever-increasing need for persistent connectivity at home as well as at...
Microsoft Teams for family and friends

Microsoft has its WhatsApp: Teams reaches users and families and allows video calls up...

Microsoft has released its new user version today, after almost a year of testing this tool in "preview" mode. Microsoft Teams is now available...
Employee working at office

Benefits of Outsourcing Jobs from Your Business to External Resources: A Guide

Businesses big and small outsource roles to external companies who are more experienced. There are several reasons why enterprises outsource functions from their company,...
LG V35

LG gives up: will leave the cell phone business

It had been rumored on one occasion or another and, finally, it is official. LG, one of the longest-lived cell phone manufacturers, is closing...

The Importance of ARM Gateway and Network Technology in Edge Computing

Edge computing is rapidly changing data collection, processing, and delivery. The growing demand for the IoT is one reason for driving the need for...
AI Dungeon

This infinite AI-driven RPG will blow your mind with its stories and answers, and...

Surely if someone proposes you to play a conversational RPG like those of yesteryear, you will think of other ways to spend your free...
IT downtime

How Does IT Downtime Affect Employee Wellbeing?

IT downtime is something that most business owners strive to avoid as much as possible because it negatively impacts productivity and customer experience. You may...

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